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My mind was on this today for some reason so I thought I'd do into more depth into what I really think, why I'm both worried and really excited at the same time. And I think this is probably what most people here think deep down so forgive me while I muse and find a way to express this in words because like I said it's just on my mind.

So first off I have to be honest: this was something I was hoping for a very long time but not for the reasons you may think regarding wanting a female hero, having more female heroes in general or shoving sjw ideals down peoples throats. I understand the discomfort some may feel suddenly having their heroes replaced with new ones for what seems to be a sjw/liberal agenda, it is jarring but I want to ask anyone who reads this to bring up this point the next time you face someone who makes this complaint:

What about Robin? What about the Flash? What about Green Lantern? What about Ant-man (ok ok it's not one that's as well known but I had to fit in a Marvel example ok). That's 4 Robins who are all white males (remember, Stephanie was never a REAL Robin -__-), 4 of the Flash who are white males (at least until recently, which kicked up a bit of a stink for sure :P), and (dear lord...) 7 Green Lanterns that go wm wm wm bm wm bm lw. Now it's important to point out there have always been resistance to the passing of mantles (dear lord just look at poor Jason Todd) and this is because it's the normal reaction to change but I'd argue they were for the greater part widely accepted but more importantly no one argued there was some political agenda because there wasn't! That's not the real point! Yet still lately people make a bigger deal out of Miles Morales and Lady Thor (granted maybe not a great example because I've not checked it out but you get my gist) and now a female Doctor.

So you're probably getting where I'm going with this but to make it clear: This is something I really wanted for doctor who and the reason is because: Doctor Who has gotten stale, or more specifically, its set-up has gotten stale.

The doctor is always a white male and to balance things his companions are always female, but even more annoying in my mind is that they have all been (since the reboot) *from the current time period!!!* You're a time traveller for gods sake! I don't care if it's easier to write or if you feel you need an anchor for your audience to go "wow now isn't this a little bit peculiar! I think I can relate!" can we please have a little variety! And that, Ladies and Gents, is the real issue at hand, not gender politics.

There's a lot of fun in doctor imagining where things can go and a good part is in the anticipation of future Doctors or companions. Like it or not a lot of fun is taken out when A: you've got a more limited scope for what to expect every time B: you've got a limited scope to work in (which btw, was not always the case with DW but it certainly has become that over recent years).

Reason why Ghostbusters didn't work was because there was no good motivation behind it, there's nothing wrong with female busters but there was no new territory to explore with that concept, perhaps because gender didn't affect Ghostbusters attraction and in the end that's why they gave into the political commentary and made it the sole focus which is consequently why it failed.

Some people are calling this the same genderswap move but here's why that's completely stupid: Doctor Who, while he is a single character, is at the same time very definitely a mantle which is a very important distinction. The Doctor is very special in this regard of the actors portraying him being able to find room to express their own unique characteristics while still being regarded as one character and that's what we love about him! Because as a mantle, when it's passed on the purpose is to keep things going fresh, with new exciting ideas and new perspectives to draw upon. That's the essence of Doctor Who and science fiction as a whole! Why Doctor Who has lasted so long. Therefore I believe a female doctor is the move needed to broaden the scope of the role.

Still I worry about the consequences of this move should it fail. It could make things harder for people to keep an open mind in the future. I keep thinking of the negatives ST Voyager brought for example, because the problem wasn't with characters but with writing but people these days will focus on the gender politics and it's sad because it stunts the freedom for writers to explore and take their audience.

And yet I have a lot of faith that the writers of Doctor Who do know what they're doing, that they will be able to take on many new an exciting perspectives with this that we can all enjoy. So Allons-y!
See for me, the gender swap in this instance doesn't feel forced, because it's already been established in-universe that something like this is a possibility for decades now, and honestely it's surprising to me that they took so long to go down this route.

Unlike other franchises where rebooting a characters as the opposite gender or whatever, here it's just a thing that has always been a writing option in this universe, it makes sense it would happen. So really I'm not at all bothered by it.
oh funk gotta dronk my honk

So yeah, been catching up last night and: HOLY SHIT Bill is SO loveable! <3
Good christmas special, Jodie's first appearence gave me a Tennant vibe, i'm optimistic about season 11

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