A list of every animation error (with pictures)

Season 1
Tourist Trapped
Mabel's extra lines on her face
Mabel's two sets of eyebrows in this scene
Royal Employee's Staff looses it's shadow for a frame
Jeff's Red beard
Gnome with a strange outline
Gnomes missing eyebrows in this scene
Dipper's hat disappearing and reappearing
Mabel's pupil is transparent for a frame
The Gnome monster's left hand is partially transparent
Mabel's mouth disappears
Jeff's two sets of eyebrows
Dipper being partially transparent in the mirror for the whole scene
Stan's tattoo and arm hair are drawn black
Mabel's right arm is the same color as the inside of her sleeve (for this frame)
Dipper's eye mark turning black during cart flight
The cat design looses it's bottom outline
Mabel's cat design on her sweater disappears for a frame
The left side of Mabel's sweater has a dark purple outline instead of a black one
In the repeat animation after the theme song, Mabel's headband color is different
While Stan is coughing, until he blinks, his fez symbol overlaps his right eyebrow
In his first appearance, the fat man is carrying a box, but in his second, it's gone.

The Legend of The Gobblewonker
When Mabel moves, her syrup disappears
Dipper's syrup splits into two, but connects together a frame later
For 3 frames, Stan's symbol isn't drawn
One of Mabel's pupils come completely off her eye
While McGucket says "Aw, Banjo Polish!" his mouth doesn't move.
For one frame, Stan's teeth turn the color of his skin
Between scenes, the glasses turn from Blue and Pink to only Pink.
Floating camera piece error down at Dipper's left hand

On the policeman's hat in his first appearance, there's no circle in the middle. There is one in later scenes

The Hand That Rocks The Mabel
Due to reusing a frame, Dipper's pupils jump up and resettle randomly.
For two frames, Dipper's Pine Tree symbol gets a black outline
Camera Directions (center of image, stuff like that) is present in this scene
For most of while Dipper says "Grunkle Stan was right!" his symbol has a black outline
Mabel's helmet stickers go from color to gray, there seems to be a line limit where it happens.

The Inconveniencing
Wendy's name tag is written black (instead of red) in this scene
Wendy's boot goes through the roof

Dipper Vs. Manliness
For one frame, the top line of Stan's glasses aren't filled in.

The second "N" in "Manliness" is colored gray for a frame.

Double Dipper
The "Silly String" stuff gets overlapped by Mabel's face outline and her cheek circle
The same error happens to Dipper's face outline
Mabel's face extended due to a fill-in error with no face outline
Part of Stan's outfit is transparent for two frames
A cockroach disappears to early
Dipper's nose isn't pinkish in this scene
Mabel's neck is colored the same as her sweater for a few frames
Mabel's headband is gray in this scene
The whole time Mabel sprays the string, it doesn't come out of the right area
While Stan says "and Dipper" his fez symbol turns gray
The height of the suitcase Dipper's bottle is on changes off and on
The can Dipper uses changes it's appearance
Wendy's eyes disappear for a frame
The amount of seats next to Candy and Grenda change during a different shot.
Pacifica's thick eyebrow design is still there when she blinks
Pacifica's eyes are colored the same as her eyelids
When Candy says "kind" her mouth overlaps Grenda's hand
Mabel has two sets of eyebrows before she looks over to Pacifica
The rest of Dipper's eyes are seen over his eyebrows (eyes are usually cut off[/i][/b]
The inside of Dipper's hat has a dark outline separating some shading

Irrational Treasure
Dipper's pine tree symbol disappears for a few frames

The Time Traveler's Pig
The metal holder for the papers is outlined in blue at the bottom
The space between Stan's legs are not transparent, leaving a white space
The paste holding the target to the booth changes colors between shots
Blendin's watch changes arms
The person in the farshot in the booth isn't Stan
Part of the mustard on Wendy's corndog has a black outline
Until he reacts to Mabel showing up, Dipper has 2 eyebrows (1 being a previous frame)
The bottom of Mabel's shoe is transparent for a frame

Fight Fighters
McGucket's mouth disappears off and on
Robbie's head is cut off before the title of his band
Robbie's nose outline is pink in most of it's appearances

Little Dipper
The hand of the book has a finger outline that overlaps the Book's string
Finger that comes out from behind 2 other ones
Until Stan throws the Hirsch wall decor, Dipper has a blue outline around the top corner of his hat
For one frame, Stan's button on his suit is transparent
The bright steak in the Lawyer's hair has a dark gray outline in this scene (it's not to have an outline at all)
The confetti appears before the lady in yellow throws it
While Stan is letting down his arms, the inside of his glasses are filled in gray not black

While saying "store" Stan's mouth disappears for a frame

Boss Mabel
The Chipacker disappears but Waddles doesn't eat it

Bottomless Pit
Dipper's red line on his sock is black until he gets off of the cart
Under Mabel's sweater design, her sweater isn't filled in, making it transparent (1 frame)
The Spade symbol on one of Stan's card changes from Red, to Black, and back to Red
Dipper's shorts behind his arm is colored like his shirt
In this frame, Dipper's right leg is cut off too early
Dipper's nose is normal skin color instead of pink-like for this frame
Dipper's sock outlines are reversed, with a black line through the sock, and the top outline red
The mirror shows Dipper's eyes partially closed, but they're not
For one frame, Dipper's right eye mark is black
For 3 frames, Mabel's head outline is shown through her hair
For one frame, Dipper's sleeve outline (separating arm color and shirt color) isn't drawn
The left side of Dipper's hair that pokes out from behind his face is skin color
Part of Dipper's hair that comes out from behind the phone is skin color
Dipper's mouth disappears for a frame
The part of Dipper's nose that is visible is not pink
Between scenes, the twins get way closer to the counter
For one frame, the under part of Dipper's cap is his hair color
For a frame, Dipper's hat is cut off for some reason (the very left)
The frames for Stan's fez symbol and the smoke from his coffee are placed ahead to early
Part of Stan's Fez tassel is still visible after it's frame is supposed to change
Every time Mabel is in this pose (the animation repeats a few times) the bottom of her shoe is skin color
The whole time it is seen in this scene, Dipper's Pine Tree symbol has a dark blue outline

The Deep End
For one frame, Mabel gets two mouths, the second being on her arm

Carpet Diem
Dipper changes position between scenes, also walking out of the corner?
Soos' arm goes through the door and the wall

Boyz Crazy
The star design on Mabel's left shoulder disappears for a frame
In this scene, Candy's glasses and part of her hair (triangle area) is outlined in bright gray (not black)
McGucket is incorrectly layered with the fence for 4 frames
In this quick scene, Young Stan has nose wrinkles
Until Stan raises his right arm, his left arm hair overlaps his ear
Until Stan turns to Dipper, the B in "BROWN" is missing
Until Stan starts turning to Dipper, the R in "BROWN" is missing
While Stan is turning to Dipper, the W in "BROWN" is missing
For one frame, one of the clone's outline is missing (separating his hand from his sleeve)
The previous mouth frame is present an extra frame
The girl in the red highlight box has her mouth drawn oddly for a frame
The same girl's mouth disappears for a frame
The infamous unfinished crate error - it's part of the background

The Land Before Swine
In this scene, one of the Shark's teeth is colored orange like the outer page color

Mabel's face isn't green in this scene

Gideon Rises
The brighter pattern on one of the squirrels overlaps Jeff's beard for a frame
The Bouncer Guy's "spider web" tattoo gets a black outline off and on in this scene
While looking over at Soos, Dipper's left eye mark is black, until he blinks
Gideon's white tie becomes green in the next scene
Tiny Cart coloring jumps around (read post for extended details)
The tiny cars slightly overlap the trees in this scene
Opposite of the last error, the tiny carts go behind a tree they should be in front of
The tiny carts go in front of the Shack's roof when they should go behind it
In one scene, Gideon has a black collar around his sleeves
Gideon's flag pin is only white in this scene
The Gideon pin shrinks for 2 frames as it's put on Stan
Dipper's left eye is outlined the same color as his eye mark for a frame
Stan's left arm has red-ish shading while he holds the milk, but normal shading other times
Stan's eye marks are black in this scene until Mabel asks about Pizza
In this scene, the Hand on the Book (2) has the start of an arm drawn
Behind Dipper's left arm, his ear is colored like his hair for a frame
For the last 2 frames before the Vending Machine closes, it's side is missing
The Book 1 only has 5 fingers in this scene
For 3 frames, Stan's right eyebrow has a mark through it
The ball at the top of the lever changes from red to black to red

Season 2
In this scene, Mabel's hair 'floof' is the color of her flower accessory
For one frame, between Dipper's arm and his vest, there's skin color
Part of the shading on a zombie isn't colored in for a frame, leaving it transparent
In this scene, the Mayan Calander has a dark purple shadow off and on
In this scene, Stan's arm is cut off to early
Parts of Dipper's journal become transparent for a few frames
Part of someone's shadow is cut off randomly for a frame[/size]

Into the Bunker
For 2 frames, Wendy's arm doubles due to a frame layering error
Dipper's mouth is incorrectly placed almost off his face
Dipper's symbol gets a black outline for a few frames
The smile on Mabel's design disappears for a few frames
Instead of only some light effect on Wendy's left leg, her whole leg is brightened for a frame

The Golf War
The first section of Mabel's collar (on her sweater) looses it's yellow coloring for a frame
For one frame, Mabel's design gets cut off early
Layering Error- Mabel's sweater sleeve goes under the cup
Until Dipper picks up the book, there's nothing on the cover
Everyone disappears from the doorway too soon
Dipper's symbol has a black outline in this scene
Dipper's mouth disappears for a frame
McGucket nor the Golf Balls are seen at the end of the course in the first scene
The flag at the end of the course disappears
McGucket's band-aid on his beard is gone for a few frames
The gray coloring is gone on the back of Stan's head in the second scene
The bottom leaf design on Stan's outfit is outlined in Black (and it's mark in the middle)
The wing of the cart goes through the pole (look at it's shadow, and the episode)
A dark line separates the shading of Stan's fez with it's regular color
Dipper's symbol has a black outline during this scene (excluding it's first few frames)
This scene also had Dipper's symbol outlined with black
The front of Dipper's cap is white in this scene
The wing of the Duck can't be seen behind it's mouth due to a coloring error
For one frame, Fronz's gums are his skin color, not red/pink
Sergei is drawn coming through the car for a few frames
For 4 frames, part of Sergei's head is overlapped by the vehicle
For 4 frames, Sergei's arm is placed to high to where it comes off his body
Dipper's symbol has a black outline in this scene
Sergei's size changes with the height of the Pitt Cola machine
For a good amount of frames, Dipper's foot cuts through the pole.
Part of Dipper's arm is doubled for a frame
For one frame, the top of Mabel's hair is cut off
Most of Dipper's coloring is cut off early in one frame
For one frame, between the steering wheel, Dipper isn't drawn
For one frame, part of Dipper's jacket looses it's black outline
For one frame, Sergei's head comes through the top of the cart
For one frame, part of Sergei's head is cut off
For 2 frames, part of Sergei is erased
In this scene, Dipper's symbol outline is black
Mabel has two sets of eyebrows for most of her sentence about surprise snacks

Sock Opera
Mabel's mouth disappears for one frame
Dipper's eye mark is black in this scene
Dipper's eye mark is black when his spirit is pulled out
Dipper (then spirit Dipper) gets a black outline around his symbol
For one frame, Bipper's eye marks are black
Bipper's Pine Tree symbol disappears for a frame
The cushion in front of the window overlaps the laptop for 2 frames
The Pine Tree symbol on Bipper's hat has 3 "branches" (the bottom line is curved)
In this scene, Bipper is transparent in the mirror
Bipper's pupils disappear for a frame
In this scene, Wendy's hat overlaps Bipper's
In this scene, the leaves are also partially transparent
A coin disappears as Mabel drops some into the cashier's hand
Puppet Mabel's sweater design gets a black outline when Mabel turns out the light
The puppet isn't placed directly on the stand of the bed (you can tell by still seeing the stand)
When the light shines of Dipper, his head outline is visible through his hair
Dipper's eyebrows are mostly erased in this scene
Dipper's pupils disappear off and on in this scene
In this scene, the part of Dipper's bag seen between his arm has no outline
In this scene, the keyboard has no colored keys
For the part while Dipper is laughing, some of his shirt (under the fold) is colored like his shorts
For some of this scene, Dipper's vest (bottom left) is missing it's outline
In this scene, there are no colored keys on the laptop
For a few frames, Dipper's feet come through the chair
For one frame, Dipper's left shoe has no outline separating it and the sock
For one frame, Mabel's right thumb is pink like her sweater
After they turn around, Dipper and Mabel's feet cut through the chair again (more Dipper)
One of Mabel's fingers goes behind her face outline, cutting it off
One of Mabel's finger outlines goes far off
(Same as error above the last one) Due to a reused frame, it's repeated
The piano tiles are gray in this scene, but white every other time
For one frame, the inside of the falling book is transparent
For 2 frames, Mabel's animation cut off line is visible (it's a thing that shows how far to draw)
For 2 frames, the blank space between Dipper's left arm is his skin color
For 3 frames, a random mouth is layered near Mabel's hair
Dipper's left arm sleeve is his skin color for one frame
For 2 frames, another animation cut off line is shown for Mabel
The bottom of Mabel's right sock puppet is transparent for a frame
For this whole scene, Mabel's legs are cut off
For 2 frames, the cheeks on Soos' puppet has a black outline
Until Dipper starts to stand up, his leg goes through the roof
For one frame, Dipper's left leg line goes through his shorts
For one frame, part of Bill's left hand is cut off
In this scene, one of Puppet Stan's red strings turn white off and on
The space between Dipper's hand and his shorts (right side) is his vest color for most of the scene
In this scene, part of Tyler's eye overlaps the chair in front of him

Soos and The Real Girl
Until Soos' game starts, the whole scene is pixelated, not just his game
For one frame, Mabel's left hand has a thick black outline through it
In this scene, the Check-Out counter is in the middle of the Gift Shop
Stan is behind the Card stand, but isn't shown except on the side he comes out of
For one frame, the wrinkles on Stan's nose are black, not dark orange
In this scene, Stan's nose wrinkles are black again
Due to a layering issue (previous frame still being there) the eye that fell out is doubled
The black outline on Old Goldy's back is mostly gone in one frame
While the camera pans over, Soos looses his black outlines for a frame
In the same frame as above, Stan's left leg has an extra line through half of it
Some of Stan's right hand looses it's black outline for a frame

Little Gift Shop of Horrors
In this scene, Stan's legs are erased to soon at the bottom
For a few frames, Stan's mouth overlaps his nose
Stan's mouth disappears for a frame
Stan lights the lantern through it's glass
Dipper's mouth disappears for a frame
The Hand Witch's mouth (and other facial features around it) disappear for a frame
The hand disappears to soon
Waddle's machine goes under the bottom book due to a layering error (for a few frames)
Dipper's mouth does not move when he says "I bet we could be of service"
During this whole scene, most of Stan's lower body is erased
For one frame, everything animated disappears
The VHS circle slots are transparent (there should be something white or black in them
The slots aren't covered up again for one frame (the previous was the whole scene
When Stan blinks, his eyes connect, overlap his glasses, and partially overlap his nose (1 frame)
After Soos says "suffocate" he has two bumps at the top of his hat for the rest of the scene
For one frame, Stan's torso outline is unerased, making it overlap other lines

Society of The Blind Eye
Lazy Susan's top freckle gets a strange outline and brighter for one frame
For 2 frames, Susan's "lazy eye" is normal, then resorts to it's normal appearance
For most of this scene (until Susan comes out) there's an animation cut off line right of the sreen
Lazy Susan's purse strap turns from Purple to Yellow between scenes
In this scene, Dipper's nose isn't pink, but normal colored
When Dipper moves his eyelids, his previous layer is visible for a few frames
For one frame, Mabel's sweater gains a bunch of extra lines
After Mabel picks up the book, it looses it's triangle design at the top right
The whole time Mabel looks over at Dipper, her eyebrows are doubled
Dipper's mouth disappears for a frame, and instead has a smudge-like thing in it's place
Due to an unerased frame, Dipper has two mouths in this frame
McGucket is strangely cut off for the first 3 frames he's shown
For one frame, McGucket gets a second layered band-aid on his beard, and it's uncolored

Blendin's Game
All the city screens have no black shadow under the text
Mabel's first appearance shows her without a design on her sweater.
Soos' arm has a cut-off line through it, where it's not colored in. This is due to a pan effect
Most of Dipper's facial lines are left for a frame, making a bunch of things doubled
For a good amount of frames, before Dipper high-fives Mabel, is hat is cut off near his eyebrow
After the screen starts zooming back, the top part of S in "Staff" on Soos' shirt isn't colored in
Stan's bandage is gone in this scene
Stan's bandage missing again
Only in this scene, Stan is drawn with cuff links
The back of Soos' shirt cannot say "STAFF" like usual in this scene, as it shows "AT" visible
Only other scene with Stan having cuff links
For 2 frames, Mabel's braces have black outlines
There's a thick green line that presumably is an F in "STAFF" on the back of Soos' shirt, but it's too far down

The Love God
Dipper's symbol isn't drawn on his hat in this scene
In this scene, Dipper's nose is normally colored instead of pink
In this scene, part of the Mystery Shack sign in painted weirdly
The button on Stan's sleeve is transparent in this scene
In it's first two appearances, the Pitt cola can on the box is gray, then colored
Stan's bandage is black in this scene
Mabel jumps ahead between frames
Robbie's mother's arm goes through the door
Part of Robbie's Mother's hair turns skin color for a frame
During this scene, part of Robbie's chin looses it's outline off and on
During this scene, some of Robbie's hair disappears
Robbie's nose is pale in this scene
- and again in this scene
During this scene, The Love God's chin doubles due to an un-erased frame

Northwest Mansion Mystery

Not What He Seems
A small section between Stan's hand is filled in hand color, not transparent for a frame
After Dipper looks up, his tongue becomes skin color
A small section of Dipper's bag is uncolored for a frame
The pictures didn't work for me, lol.
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Haven't done none yet.
NEW image in production
I'm keeping: Stan's Fez, F's Laptop, Pacifica's Dog, and ☆Bill's Top Hat☆

Oh. I thought that I wasn't able to see it, lol.
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Doesnt the wiki have this already?

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(11-30-2014, 11:24 AM)SoosUnknown Wrote: Doesnt the wiki have this already?


The wiki also already has the List of Items in Mystery Shack page too, but I figured it would be nice to put on this website for discussion, and not to mention I've found some new GOOFS.
NEW image in production
I'm keeping: Stan's Fez, F's Laptop, Pacifica's Dog, and ☆Bill's Top Hat☆

Well, showing the new goofs would be nice.
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(11-30-2014, 08:57 PM)SoosUnknown Wrote: Well, showing the new goofs would be nice.

and here they come.
NEW image in production
I'm keeping: Stan's Fez, F's Laptop, Pacifica's Dog, and ☆Bill's Top Hat☆

(11-30-2014, 09:25 PM)TheDocofEternal Wrote:
(11-30-2014, 08:57 PM)SoosUnknown Wrote: Well, showing the new goofs would be nice.

and here they come.

I cant see anything.
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I can see em.

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