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I made this Au when i was drawing a picture :p This AU was an accident on my part when my brain just went on a train of thought (copy and pasted from my DA)

At the age of 7 Dipper witnessed the murder of his twin sister (and i just lost half the readers right there xD) and almost got killed himself, being saved last minute by the police. Dippers personality changed. He became anti-social (more then before), quiet only giving oks, fines, nos, and other short words, preferring to use body language. His parents became extremely over-protective of him, almost never letting him out of the house alone. At the age of 10 they finally decided to send him to therapy after much pressure from family and friends who were worried about the boys mental health. He went there for 2 years, and though Dipper didn't care to admit it. It helped having someone to talk to, even if he was being paid to listen. Out of no where though, the man tells Dippers parents that theres a new method of therapy they are trying and he would love if Dipper could experience it. It takes place in Gravity falls. And what a coincidence! Dipper has a great-uncle he could stay with. When Dipper hears the news he knows his parents would never let him go that far away from them. Right off the bat he knows somethings wrong when they agree. On the bus he cant help but feel somethings very wrong. When he arrives he meets his gruncle and that bad feeling in his stomach increases, he can tell that Stan is hiding something. Later he goes to visit the new location for the therapy and surprise, he meets 2 other young boys who are there also for the new method. (human) Bill Cipher and Gideon Gleefull. Both creep him out and he goes out of his way to avoid them.

Later when he returns Stan puts him to work putting signs out, and when out there he finds a journal. He spends the night reading it. Next time he goes to therapy Bill Cipher wont leave him alone. Gideon also seems to be a bother not liking being left out. Later on when Dipper gets into a fight with some gnomes about something, and gets saved by ,surprise surprise, Bill and Gideon. Dipper gets stuck with them in some kind of goup and the 3 end up going on supernatural adventures. Dipper trying to get out of this mess while keeping his journal a secret, Gideon trying to gain Dippers trust to explore the mystery shacks grounds, and no one knows what Bill wants.
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Dipper Pines is a snake confirmed

Gravity Gems AU

In this AU, every character is a Crystal Gem. Dipper and Mabel have matching gems, since they are twins. Mabel's weapon is a grappling hook, and Dipper's is a book filled with information about gems.

Wendy could have an Ax or something, and Stan maybe a bat.

The Monsters they encounter are all gem creatures, and Gideon would be one as well, only that his amulet would be his gem.
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I've totally heard that one before! I remember being intrigued by it
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(02-27-2015, 06:06 AM)TheDocofEternal Wrote: I've totally heard that one before! I remember being intrigued by it

Dang it, i thought i was being original here
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I think I saw something similar, but definitely not the same, yours sounds really neat!
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I'll add some more stuff to the Gravity Gem AU.

Dipper and Mabel each have half of the same gem, located on Mabel's left hand and Dipper's right hand, when they fuse it becomes one complete gem on their stomach.
I decided that Dipper's weapon is not a book anymore, but the manotaur spear he got, when the two fuse, the weapon becomes like a gun that shoots spears.

Grunkle Stan is actually a fusion between the Author and Stanford. Soos is Amethyst and Wendy is Pearl.
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I've been thinking of making this a fan fiction, so tell me if any of you would read it. Partially inspired by growing up in the middle of California Sierra Nevada, where the population per square mile tends to get really low.

Gravity National Wilderness Preserve (GNWP)
In two parts, intro at age 12, then main storyline at 18.
During his summer at Gravity Falls, Dipper hears stranger and stranger tales about the woods outside the town. First, when inviting Mable to a journal driven hunt while her friends are there, both Candy and Grenda laugh off the idea, then get seriously scared when they realize he's serious. He asks around the town to find that most people have never gotten out of site of the town, or one of the roads leading to and from it. Even Manly Dan has rangers escort him to and from various logging sites. His Grunkle only has the cryptic message of "Their ain't nothing good in those woods, kid."

He finally gets the courage to do the hunt, only to run into a monster the journal never mentions. After a near death experience, he runs into a Park Ranger, who escorts him back to town. On the way back, he explains a bit about the area, how it's officially the Greater Gravity National Wilderness Preserve, meant to keep a bit of Oregon in a state untouched by man. Dipper pokes a few holes in the guy's spiel and the man admits, the places actual name is the "Gravity American Paranormal Creature Sanctuary". A Million acres they fenced off so the American public wouldn't catch wind of what really goes bump in the night.

Part 2 is directly after the twins turn 18, they go visit their Grunkle Stan for the first time in 6 years. They laugh off their memories as 'stupid stuff we came up with as kids', and just want to enjoy the town. After spotting something weird, Dipper's curiosity gets the better of him and he wanders off in the middle of the night into the woods. After finding claw marks in a tree too big for anything natural and a deer pretty cleanly bitten in half, he tries to run, only to run into the same Park Ranger as 6 years before. After getting angry with him, he says that he likes the kids determination, and offers him an internship/summer job. Dipper takes it and is thrown into a world of mystery, danger, a surprising amount of gnome(and other paranormal creature) politics, and lots and lots of fun weirdness that makes the show so great.

TL;DR: Gravity Falls is the center of a preservation for hundreds of mysterious creatures trying to get out and a underfunded government agency trying to keep them in. Anyone think it's worthy to be fleshed out?
I have a what if: what if Dipper never found the journal?
And another one: what if in the episode "Gideon Rises" Dipper missed the jump to the Gideonbot and fall to his painful death?
"Gravity Falls: The Universe Wars" (Finally decided on a name!)

In this AU, in NWHS, the gang spends some time exploring Stan's lab. As such, they get to the portal just as it goes off. Without the physical and spiritual presence of the Pines to influence the portal, it has devastating consequences. The Pines, and everyone else in and around Gravity Falls, are scattered across the multiverse. Now, the mystery twins are beset by Bill's minions as they try to find their friends and their way home. Eventually, a huge interdimensional war erupts, with Dipper and Mabel right at the center of it.

This is a pipe dream for crossover fans. What do you think?

  • The portal interacted with the memory gun when it went off. As such, many GF citizens and monsters believe that the universe they're in is their home universe.
  • Back home, Gravity Falls and the surrounding wilderness have vanished in a massive dimensional storm, which is still ongoing and expanding to this day. Those who went inside and survived reported scores of monsters, along with a vastly different landscape. The true GF has been torn apart and scattered across the multiverse. The rest of Earth is threatening to go this way, with dimensional anomalies, monsters, and magic all over the universe.
  • Stanley is still trapped in whatever hell he was thrown into. The twins and/or Grunkle Stan may come across him someday.
  • Bill is angry. Very angry. The Pines family disrupted his carefully laid out plan with their dillydallying. Now, he's gathering his armies, and calling every favor, to exact revenge upon the Pines, and set his plan back on track with brute force.
  • The portal going off this way, and GF going from a minor to a major dimensional nexus, has attracted the attention of many gods, alien intellegences, etc. And Bill, who is feared by the powers who know of him, has become the center of attention. Some of the less savory ones have joined his side, while the champions of light are gathering their own forces.
  • Dipper, Mabel, and the gang have no idea what's going on, except that they have been marked for death. Stanley may know something, but not much.
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Super Falls Bros AU

Dipper and Mabel are Mario and Luigi, Robbie and Pacifica are Wario and Waluigi, and Billser! Bowser Jr. is Gideon. Goombas are Dipper Clones, and Koopa Troopas are gnomes. Powerups: Stan's 8 ball staff shoots 8 balls, eyeball jar shoots eyeballs that freeze enemies, and Shapeshifter Experiment which allows them to turn into stone like a tanooki suit.

Splat Falls


Unknown Falls

Dipper and Mabel live in Gravity Falls, and know almost nothing. In the end, they find out they are the author's experiments.

Star Falls

Dipper punches Star in the face daily for being annoying.
I realized this was offensive. Sorry.

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