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What if Gravity Falls was organized like Divergent (the first book) is? Dipper and Mabel would be born in a faction, but when Choosing time comes, the simulation gives them very different results. Dipper goes off to join the Erudite, while Mabel goes to either Candor, Dauntless, or even Amity. They don't see each other until Visiting Day. Stan and Ford come to see the both of them on this day as well. Both the twins make friends in their factions. Then they become united when rebellion and chaos ensue.
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Luckily I have knowledge of how the mutiverse works, and as in that, I. Mean I got a theory where all universes existed in different classes in alphabetical order, the gravity falls universe would either existed in the D class (where all universes made from Disney are from) or C class (where all cartoon/animated universes are from)

I can explain this theory later but for now I got some AU I like to show:

Evil Dipper

A universe where Dipper agree and become friends with Bill, making him have greed to rule the world

Only child dipper

A universe where Dipper was born, but Mabel wasn't, making Dipper the only child,

This means that dipper would never know how to have fun with her sister and based on situations, dipper would never know where the gnomes lived and... Well think of a world without Mabel (which would be something none of us would think about)

I can think of more later on
There was talk of the Mystery Shack catching fire in another thread, and fire AUs are fun.

What would be the best time for the Shack to burn down? That is, at what point in the series would it have the most devastating effect on the greatest number of characters?

What if the Mystery Shack burned down during the events of "Not What He Seems"?
At this point, all three journals are in the Shack. These would be destroyed, and I bet much of the equipment built by Stanford would also burn. Dipper's progress through the summer, and Stan's efforts for the last 30 odd years, would be undone and left with little to no chance of recovery.
It's during "Not What He Seems" that Dipper develops open distrust of Stan, the government cracks down on his case, and all hell breaks loose. Were a fire to start, and thus Ford not to return, Stan wouldn't have the opportunity to redeem himself. Stan would lose the hope of seeing Ford again, the trust of his nephew, and almost inevitably the company of Dipper and Mabel for the rest of the summer.

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An AU where Mickey gets his head out of his mouse ass and makes a new episode of Gravity Falls come out every week

I've had this one rattling around in my noggin for a while:

Parody AU: where Dipper and Mabel are aware of the aus, fanfiction and fandom and travel between them all, mocking us as we deserve to be all the while.
AU where Dipper Goes To Taco Bell was written by Stan
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AU where nobody ever thinks about shipping Dipper with Mabel.
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AU where the meta is real
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AU where D&M don't go to GF. What would happen with their absence?
My favorite scene Remember- EVERYTHING is a conspiracy! I'm keeping: the infinity sided die, the gyphon from DD&mD, Dippy Fresh's Corpse, and *Mabel's Gummy Worm Video*
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That'd be... AU where Gideon rules
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