Make up your own AU
An AU where Weirdmageddon went Global, Ford joins Bill, Stan, Mcgucket and Robbie die and everyone else has to survive in a universe under Bill's rule, all the while knowing that there is literally no way, at all, to truly defeat Bill and they will just have to make due in Weirdmageddon for the rest of their lives.

It's Gravity Falls + Nihilism! :D

Also, Richard would be there, ruling the Earth while Bill is out eating Galaxies.
Reality is an Illusion, that's what Bill always says! WEIRDNESS IS THE ONLY CONSTANT IN THIS UNIVERSE!

(I know my profile pic is Bipper, I have no image for my OC)
An AU where Gravity Falls is set in the UK rather than in America (British Falls)
[Image: vVqWfeH.png]
If only Gravity Falls had seen and used this unique writing system.....

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