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I've been looking through the roleplay forum and I've noticed that a lot of the threads aren't very active, at least compared to when they first began. I don't know if it's a lack of new roleplay threads being posted or because I'm not looking in the exact right areas or what--but I decided to create a Gravity Falls OC roleplay thread that will hopefully be active. If not, that's too bad.

So to join just fill this out and post it then you can begin roleplaying. I'd prefer narrative roleplay but anything is fine.

Theres only 3 rules:
1. Be kind
2. Only OCs
3. Try to stay active if you join

Here is the form:

Personality: (2+ sentences)
Appearance: (2+ sentences)
Sample of how you roleplay:
Your favorite GF character:

If you see this and you're interested please participate! Anyways, happy roleplaying.
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What do you mean by "sample"? Do you want us to write like a random scenario or what?
(12-02-2014, 01:37 AM)MysteryGuy Wrote: What do you mean by "sample"? Do you want us to write like a random scenario or what?

Yeah a random scenario that your character is in.
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Name: Rarity
Age: unknown
Gender: female
Personality: Chaotic Good (ish). Basically, she's another of Bill's species who's his friend. She's got her own morals, though.
Appearance: Humanization of my icon. tall, eye patched, brown hair, wears purple hoodie with Illuminati symbol in the center, a black skirt, and tall, white boots.
Sample of how you roleplay: I do it story style, first person. I gotta go to bed soon, so I can't make something up right on the spot.
Your favorite GF character: Bill. luv him!
I'll be watching...
Name: Ai

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Personality: Ai is an adventuring young girl. She loves mysteries and trying to solve them. She's a bit shy around meeting new people however, but will warm up to you sooner or later.

Appearance: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2015/0...8hmmen.png

Sample of how you Roleplay: Ai got off the bus and looked around the small town. She would be staying in Gravity Falls for the summer with her grandma and grandpa. Her mother and father had sent her here due to them having to work most of the summer, and couldn't leave her alone by herself, as she was too young. Or they thought she was anyway. The 11-year-old didn't mind, as she loved hanging out with her grandma and grandpa, and they let her do whatever she wanted. Most of the time anyway.

The child made her way around the small town, looking at all the things that was there.

Your favorite GF character: Dipper
Name: Avalonia Cipher
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Personality: (2+ sentences) Avalonia, or Ava for short, is a very fun-loving, adventurous Dream Demon/human. She's funny, outgoing, and very kind, unlike her father, Bill Cipher.
Appearance: (2+ sentences) Ava has waist-length, wavy, white hair. She has bright green eyes, an eye patch over her left one, and pale skin. She wears a gold dress, tall, black boots, and a small top hat, and always carries a cane with her.
Sample of how you roleplay: *slowly opens eyes* Ugh, what happened last night? (:P)
Your favorite GF character: Either Bill or Gideon (most likely Bill).
My usual RPing site
I'm ~Principessa~Phantom~
Feel free to RP with me there! >w<
Come along with me...
Name: Shilo Snow
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Shilo is very shy and keeps to himself most of the time. He is very kind and gentle to anyone he meets.
Appearance: https://nple1w.dm2303.livefilestore.com/...jpg?psid=1
Sample of how you roleplay: Shilo walked through the streets of Gravity Falls, trying to keep to himself. Unsure of where he was or how he got there.
Your favorite GF character: Dipper Pines
Name: Carl Wolf
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Personality: Friendly and artistic, but on the oddball side. He likes mapping things out and drawing cartoons.
Appearance: Pale with black hair, with similarly black clothes and ripped pants with converses. He's kind of a beanpole, and he's extremely tall..
Sample of how you roleplay: I skid on the mud, teeth clenched. I dash towards the golf cart at high speeds, pushing the punk away. I trip and fall face-first, head hitting the cart.
Your favorite GF character: Dipper.
Name: Dimitri Valentine

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Personality: Dimitri is pretty reckless, not letting anything get in the way of his "adventurous instincts" as he likes to call it. He's a daredevil, and a risk taker. Not always thinking twice, or taking much time to think about it in the first place. He's rebellious towards strict rules, and doesn't really know when to keep his mouth shut. Sometimes he's overly curious and gets himself into sticky situations regularly. He likes to gamble dangerously, saying it gives him a rush. Did I mention he's an adrenaline junkie? Because he is, a big one at that. He's blunt, slightly brash (but only ever so slightly), light hearted, passionate, and wears his heart on his sleeve.

Appearance: Shoulder length wavy copper hair, tied back into a mid ponytail. Freckles dot his cheeks, and nose. Bright icy blue eyes, and likes to wear aviator goggles. Wears a dull green bomber jacket, with embroidered badges of random things like: nasa, a military tank, an alien with the caption "not from around here", a gas mask, an ASU badge, etc. He wears faded demini skinny jeans, and dull brown hiking boots. And a white undershirt with a black alien design on it.

Sample of how you roleplay: "Wait wha-" Dimitri began, but was cut off by the falling of rubble near him. "Oh shhhhh!!!" He began to sprint out of the collapsing cave, not really wanting to become a human pancake anytime soon. Dodging falling rubble and avoiding large holes he made it out of the now blocked off cave. "Hahaha...haha...ha..." Dimitri chuckled, falling onto his back on the soft grassing still laughing. "That was a close one..." he sighed, closing his eyes and taking deep breaths. "I wanna do it again."

Your favorite GF character: That gnome that barfs out the rainbows.
Name: Rebecca Copper

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Personality: Eccentric, friendly......ish, optimistic, creative, intelligent, mysterious, introverted, but very stubborn and sarcastic. She prefers to spend her time alone, inventing and building things. She fully embraces her surname of 'Copper', going so far as to make anything copper when she can - after all, she's a bit eecentric.

Appearance: Long wavy black hair, tan skin, gold eyes, steampunk-style goggles atop her head. She wears a royal blue, dress-bodice-style top, a black leather ballgown-style skirt, cut short at the knees. Over the top of the skirt is a metal, birdcage-like overlay, made of copper. She wears copper coloured, knee high rocket boots up to her ankles.

Sample of how you roleplay: Rebecca sighed as she tinkered with the tiny little mechanical bird. They were her friends, her inventions, and she hated to see one break. Well, she had seen a lot break over her life, thanks a certain triangle. But she had nearly rebuilt all that was destroyed now. It had taken time, patience and faliure. But she was almost there. She smiled as she heard the little copper bird give out a small chirp, the minuscule springs and cogs inside it ticking and turning. She took her miniature screwdriver and screwed the panel back into place, before carrying the bird onto the windowsill, popping a slip of paper in it's beak.
"Go, take it to the Mystery Shack. Leave it there discreetly, and don't let them see you."
The mechanical bird flitted off, glinting in the late afternoon's fading light.

Your favorite GF character: Dipper Pines

Bio (it's not in the form, but it's important): After inheriting her dead family's fortune and mansion, Rebecca dedicated her life to invention. She is a steampunk inventor, and a little eccentric. While some of her inventions are faulty, many are functional. She considers her rocket boots to be her crowning achievement, and is currently working on a portable jetpack. Her mansion is located in the heart of the woods of Gravity Falls, and has steampunk gadgets literally everywhere. Once Rebecca made a deal with Bill, for the ability to infuse her inventions, like her mechanical birds, with a touch of magic, and was possessed by him. While Bill was in her body, he did all the standard 'pain is hilarious' stuff, but also destroyed a lot of inventions, which she is currently also trying to rebuild.
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