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1x11 - Little Dipper
A wizard you say. Logic reigns supreme on this one.
Gideon was the invisible wizard in the closet. His invisibility also rendered him unable to move/interact with his surroundings and made it so that no one else could hear his laughter, as he was probably laughing like a nut case. He could also teleport to the outside, or wherever he ended up next, and he had no memory of what he saw with Dipper and the crystal.

Not fully sure where I was going with that. Gideon just has a magical book and can do magic things with it, which means he probably has some sort of magical ability, though I guess that that would depend on the rules of magic for GF; maybe everyone has the potential to use magic and maybe only a few do. Doesn't mean that he's a wizard, unless maybe only a few people can use the magic in Book 2 and the items produced from it (which would mean Mabel would have magic potential too, maybe).
^ I don't think so. I just think it was this funny creepy bit. That would ruin the joke and the subsequent code at the end.
Gideon just had so many reaction face's in this episode! It was awesome!
I may be the book 1 but you can call me Zero!
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(09-28-2012, 05:40 AM)CelticPredator Wrote: ^ I don't think so. I just think it was this funny creepy bit. That would ruin the joke and the subsequent code at the end.

I know, I was just joking and going off what GFDecoded said. At some time past midnight where I am. I agree, it was probably just supposed to be something funny; after everything is said and done, this IS a kids show, and probably will have many more funny anecdotes like this in the future (and has had some before in past episodes).
Yeah, I do like they can sneak in some creep and keep it dark under the surface. I'm just wondering how far they'll go.
I wasn't a big fan of this episode. Sure, there were some good moments ("Maybe he didn't see it using it and doesn't know it lets you grow and shrink things!" *Standing 6 inches away* "Really?!"), but it was definitely missing something.

I think it was a combination of character derailment and the pacing. It was too fast, for one thing; it just went straight through with nothing to just let you giggle for a second before you were all serious.

And another thing, I hated the twin's interactiongs; I've grown to love how they are normally so close and never bicker beyond playful teasing. This was more malicious, with Dipper and Mabel taking turns making fun of each other for being better at games/being taller. It reminded me of those awful teams on The Amazing Race who fight all the time, and I hated it. I hope we can see them being nice to each other again next episode.

TD:LR, not my favorite. I hope Summerween delivers better.
The Mailman
I love Stan in this episode.

"I was awoken by the sound of mockery. Where is it, where is the object of ridicule?"
It is interesting to see more of Gideon's psychotic nature in this during his home. Insulting the people that adore him, breaking and flipping things over if provoked. The name Gideon meaning "Destroyer" really lives up to it.

He may know about Grunkle Stan's secret of the vending machine if he does want the physical store. Possibly knowing about another book, Book 2 may not be up-to-date with what Dipper has. Who knows?
Well, this episode made me believe more the books have different subjects which were like this by my own theory:
Book 1: (hiden) places in GF- but starting to doubt this one a bit
Book 2: Spells- sticking to this one, but also thinking it has some kind recipes for potions
Book 3: Creatures- now believing it also has something on mysterious sightings relating to creatures of GF (since the crystal place was told to be seen by minotaurs)

Aside from this, I'll say Soos pretty much wins in every new episodes. XD

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