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1x11 - Little Dipper
Book 2 had mention other creatures when Gideon was reading them in the intro(demon caterpillars, had acquired cursed Egyptian termites later to threaten Stan), but who knows then if the three books had their own kind of pattern from who has written in them.

The theory of Book 2 of casting spells/curses could be possible. Gideon saying a zombie attack might not work(it takes too long and won't take orders[zombie teens won't listen to a child?]). The blood rain wouldn't work either since he doesn't want to mess up his suit.
I really felt like the twin's relationship was fully developed in this episode. I do love the fact that they aren't at each other's throats all the time like most shows play it out, but all siblings have that moment where you just fight. I was really caught up in their fight, rooting for Dipper, and then at the end when they actually talk it out was just so many feels! Reminds me of the relationship my sister and I have.

I think that each book doesn't have on specific "thing". I think they all have little bits of info, from spells to monster info to town history/secrets, and when you compile them all together, then you've got something really dangerous.

I don't think anyone has mentioned this, but two references to the importance of the Mystery Shack were made. First, Stan almost(?) revealed where his secret hiding place is, which I assume he meant the one behind the vending machine... unless there's more :D And Lil Gideon wanted the shack because that's where the power is, I believe his words were. The mystery continues...
I have nothing to say, but my scribe does.

(Thank you sir.)
(Anyway, was I the only one who thought this episode was REALLY SCARY? I mean, Gideon is clearly insane, he treats his family like dirt, (Mostly his mother, but he's no peach to his dad either) and it's shown that, while he MIGHT have been using his amulet/bolo tie to control people, he didn't NEED it. He's just that manipulative NORMALLY. He could have EASILY killed Dipper & Mabel at any time, by squashing them, or some other horrible method. He WOULD have killed Dipper if he hadn't thought of using them as blackmail. This episode was the first that REALLY felt like the twins might lose. (Yes, even knowing that this is a children's show, and that wouldn't happen.) They almost blew it on the porch of the Shack, and if they hadn't tickled Gideon into submission, HE WOULD HAVE WON. If Gideon was just a tiny (Heh) bit smarter, and a little (heh) bit less insane, THE SHOW WOULD BE OVER. This episode was won on LUCK, nothing else. Then there's the bit of fridge horror/brilliance that the Gnomes might have been planning on shrinking Mabel to their size... (I still don't think that it was a ceremonial position...) This was one FREAKY episode, and I bet "Summerween" will be even worse. (At least that's SUPPOSED to be scary.)
TL, DR: This episode scared me.)
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Happy Trails.
Soos continues to impress me in each of his appearances, always having the funniest jokes, and he's quickly becoming my favorite character. I liked how this ep showed a kinder side to him since he's really been nothing more than a goof up until now.
(09-27-2012, 03:29 AM)CelticPredator Wrote: I loved Gideon's mom. The kid must really torture and destroy her from the inside out. I laughed. Haha. This show has a pretty awesome mean streak too it.

Anyone else get the impression that Gideon's mother was possessed or something? I thought his comment about how long he's had his rivalry with Stan might be telling, too, I mean how old is this kid supposed to be? How does a child come to have such a long-time rivalry with an old man?

I think Gideon implied that Book 2. also had locations to magical items, because he assumed that is how the twins found the crystal. He also somehow knows the Shack is the location of some source of power.
If Book 2 did have locations of other magical items or creatures, it's interesting that he may not have the same entries that he would need as Dipper does with his Book 3.
The episode was great, but I was a little disappointed, because I thought there would be more information about Gideon's book.

But the episode was so funny :P
Remember: The invisible wizard still watching :D
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Well, we know Gideon knows he doesn't have the only book. He knows the books have secrets and powers. But, we don't know how Gideon got the book. Did he find it, or was it given to him?
(10-03-2012, 03:35 AM)JniX Wrote: Well, we know Gideon knows he doesn't have the only book. He knows the books have secrets and powers. But, we don't know how Gideon got the book. Did he find it, or was it given to him?

Maybe he bought it. He can own almost everything in the world(in his opinion though).
Gideon's mom made me feel reeeaallly uncomfortable, haha. Like in a sort of 'how did this get on a kids show' sort of way.

The episode felt a liiitle off to me, probably because I'm not used to this being Gideon's characterization, but it was still really good. Especially got a kick out of Soos this episode.
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