Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Whether you like the comics, movies, or tv shows, Ninja Turtles is all around awesome!

Are there any other fans here?
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Well, you know that I'm an old-school fan that watches the 2012 cartoon.

I remember that I used to ask for the action figures for my Easter basket (I still have some of the toys around), but when I got old enough I started asking for PS1 games.

You are probably aware that Scratch is the most expensive toy out of the whole TMNT Playmates toy line, right? Link.
His toy design was based around Hallocat from the Archie comic book line.

I think about the only character the 2012 cartoon won't be able to adapt from any of the comics (Mirage, Archie, IDW) would be Ninjara, because the creator that created her now retains the rights for that character.

My thoughts for Dreadmon (Clearly is a brown hyena, but they always referred to him as a 'werewolf') in the 2012 cartoon: Since they have introduced the concept of a mutagen that allows one to shift between forms now, I would love to have a reverse 'werewolf' episode.
Dreadmon was about one of the few characters in the Archie comics that wasn't actually a mutant (Backstory is here).
So the only way to do him in the 2012 cartoon is either a supernatural origin or being able to shift between forms from the mutagen that allows one to do so (Human DNA then?).
He probably wouldn't call himself "Dreadmon", though. "Dread" instead, maybe?
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Sweet! I'm a little too young to have seen the 80s show when it first came out, but my grandparents owned a lot of the episodes on VHS so I watched them that way. I also grew up on the 2003 show and now watch the new one. My brother and I used to have a turtle lair set from the 2003 show when we were younger, but we ended up giving it away while we briefly left our Ninja Turtle fandom. I'm still kicking myself about getting rid of it. At least I still have the Battleshell, which is probably one of my favorite toys I have ever owned.

I got back into TMNT when the new show came on, and I'm still trying to catch up on the comic books and other media. Strangely enough I have never seen any of the movies except for the animated one. I guess as a kid the costumes always just looked weird to me so I never watched them, and even now I still can't bring myself to.

Anyhow, I was not aware that Scratch was the rarest toy, but damn is that cool to know! I envy the people who are old enough to have watched the 80s show when it first came out and had access to all of those toys (I got lucky and came across my cousin's stash).

I'm great with any adaptations the 2012 show does, as long as it is not Venus de Milo. Though honestly even if they did have to put her in I think they could still find a way to do it right. They can make just about any character work in that show.
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Agree with you there on Venus, and that show by Saban.
While Saban was trying to adapt TMNT to a Power Rangers-like format and it probably looked good on paper for them, I think the results were just really poor.
I mean, you have to have Shredder as a big bad somewhere due to how iconic he is. And not just completely replace him entirety with a goofy Dragon guy.

The animated movie that got put out was perfectly okay for what it was. It was at least nowhere near as bad as TMNT III (Why they decided to not hire Jim Henson Studios again and go for really cheap suits from another company, I'll never know...).

However, the first two movies are very nostalgic for me (Went to the movie theater to go see them) and I think my younger sister still has the VHS tapes somewhere.
And the suits are actually the best in the first movie simply because of Jim Henson Studios.

I think I still quote, "Look! It's Ralph!", "A little too Ralph...", from the second movie from time to time.

But I am really loving the adaptions the 2012 show is doing with the old Playmates toyline (There were a lot created that never appeared in the 80's show), the comics from different companies, and the various cartoons.

Do you think that some game company might be able to do a faithful version to the classic 2D Arcade beat-em-up games by Konami by using the 2012 show?
I would love one that has all sorts of little details like the Scott Pilgrim 2D beat-em-up game does.
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Even the theme song of that show makes me cringe. Why that has reruns airing on television and yet they never think to air reruns of the 80s or 2003 show baffles me. Though apparently now they are having a marathon of the 2003 episodes on Nicktoons. I was thrilled to hear this, but unfortunately I do not have Nicktoons. I still hope this means a DVD release, which is long overdue for the 2003 version.

I'm going to get around to watching the movies eventually. Even the Michael Bay one, which looks completely atrocious to me. The older ones I believe that I can truly enjoy once I actually get around to watching them, despite the costumes and the whole Vanilla Ice business (which I find simultaneously hilarious and extremely cheesy). As for the Michael Bay one, I believe that if I am going to criticize a movie I must have actually seen it, so I am attempting to withhold judgement until then.

Yeah, the 2012 show really does a great job of embracing and incorporating every part of the franchise.

On the video games, I don't see why not. I think something like that would sell very well.
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but the movie (live action weird version) was just on TV about an hour ago, I saw about 10-15 minutes of it. I remember watching it as a kid with my dad :)
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Looks like an hour long episode will be up this Sunday.

And wow, the Mighty Mutanimals are making a return (Mighty Mutanimals fan here...). Way to reference a spin-off comic series by Archie comics that almost got made into a cartoon. The people behind this show certainly know their stuff.

However, only two of the original members are part of this team: Leatherhead and Slash (Who became part of the team much later on in the comics, and was really a reserve member.).

I think Mondo Gecko has yet to make an appearance in an episode, but he's been hinted at in the opening/intro of the show. You can quickly see him skateboarding while Leatherhead jumps on top of Bebop's and Rocksteady's van.

So out of the original team: Jagwar, Dreadmon, Ray Fillet, Wingnut, and Screwloose have made no appearances. With Wingnut getting a shout out reference by Mike. However, that character Mike sorta named has no relation to true Wingnut (Since Wingnut and Screwloose belonged to certain types of alien races that got wiped out by Krang.).

Since Jagwar and Leatherhead were often referred to as the de facto leaders of the group in the comics, I have a funny feeling that Slash isn't going to be all that great a leader in the upcoming two-part episode.

It does make me wonder if Maligna and her alien race might make an appearance and might even be a threat to the Krang. But Malgina's race are not good aliens either.
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I didn't know we had a TMNT page!Sweet!

I'm excited for Slash and Leatherhead's return.And I still can't forget that Shredder fight(in the season 2 finale).

I'm hoping that more of the 2003- big characters will appear,since that is still my favorite turtle series.They're not all original,but I thought characters like the Fugitoid was handled nicely.And Casey was the best Casey of all 3.(Yes,i know the 87 is closer to the comics,but TURTLE LOGIC!)
TNMNT 2012 cartoon , is one of the awesomenest TnMNT`s.
First animation and this is the best!
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Kinda was half-right about Slash. He failed in some areas, but he made up for in others. But he should be a capable leader by now.

I think I squeed in my head when Slash mentioned that Leatherhead was second-in-command. That was Leatherhead's exact position in the original Mighty Mutanimals from the Archie comics.
Right now, they are keeping the team to four members and having them be matching points to the Turtles.
So it's a wait and see if the Mutanimals gain any new members to bring it up to the original's team count of seven members.

Or if they bring in some of the supernatural enemies of the Mutanimals in the 2012 cartoon like Null (a demon). Mr. Null was also an enemy to the Turtles as well.

Next episode is going to be Casey Jones VS. the Underworld, which is slated for March 22nd.
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