Playlists and songs
So are there any songs that you guys associate with Gravity Falls?
Or do you make your own or do you check out fan playlists on

If you have any songs I should check out, let me know!

My list of just random songs so far:
The Who, "The Seeker" (Dipper)
Queens of the Stone Age, "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret"
The Mamas and the Papas, "Dream a Little Dream of Me"
The Little River Band, "Curiosity (Killed The Cat)"
John Linnell, "Oregon"
Alan Parsons Project, "Eye In The Sky" (Bill)
Toy, "The All Seeing Eye" (Instrumental)
Mother Mother, "Bit By Bit"
Mother Mother, "Burning Pile" (Society of the Blind Eye: McGucket)
Mother Mother, "Love And Truth"
Mother Mother, "Neighbour"
Mother Mother, "Business Man"
Mother Mother, "Dirty Town"
Mother Mother, "Infinitesimal"
Mother Mother, "Waiting For The World To End"
The Nylons, "Love Potion #9/Spooky" (The Love God)
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, "Puppy Dogs Snails" (Whenever I think of the Shapeshifter's warning/threat.)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, "Red Right Hand" (Stan)
Timber Timbre, "Too Old To Die Young" (Stan)
Alright Alright, "I'm Going Under"
Cyndi Lauper, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (Mabel)
Electra, "Coming to Get You!"
Needtobreathe, "Maybe They're On To Us"
The Vandals, "If The Government Could Read My Mind"
The Devil's Carnival, "Trust Me" (Musical)
The Devil's Carnival, "In All My Dreams I Drown" (Musical)
The Devil's Carnival, "666" (Musical)
The Devil's Carnival, "A Penny for a Tale" (Musical)
The Night of the Hunter, "Children's Lullaby (Movie)
Miniature Tigers, "Haunted Pyramid"
Franz Ferdinand, "Evil Eye"
Bowerbirds, "In Our Talons"
Patrick Watson, "Where the Wild Things Are"
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, "The Unknown"
Battles, "Atlas"
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