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(11-27-2016, 08:09 PM)ThatJarofJam Wrote: Is it possible the Switch can emulate 3DS games? I know Nintendo have confirmed it can't play them physically, but I would like if they made an emulator. There are some 3DS games I'd like to play.

Well, The emulator could display the screens side by side and the switch uses a powerful ARM system by NVIDIA so i guess it's not too far away from impossible
(11-27-2016, 06:08 PM)DuckHuntDog Wrote: But the joke you posted sounded like it was being ironic. "...pretty much just like the earlier levels! How fun!" sounds like it isn't being serious about itself

the issue was that they made fun of it and didn't actually do anything clever to make it more than just a recolor. it's just a recolor, and they point out that it's just a recolor. absolute trash
I actually got one of these recently. By recently, I mean a month ago, but I never posted about. I got it fo' free from a good friend. I haven't played many games on it other than pokemon and a couple hours of Ocarina of Time. Pretty neat little device, honestly. I've been remiss by not getting one until now.
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not 3DS, but it can play 3DS games so:
New 2DS XL!
I must say, it looks lovely - and it can fold! Also, it's actually coming out a month earlier over here Down Under, and it's a bit cheaper than what the conversion rate is ($199 as opposed to $201). I don't actually have a 3DS at the moment, so this looks like it will be perfect - and a bit more affordable than the Switch, for sure.
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