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1x04 - The Hand That Rocks the Mabel
It could just be me, but I find this episode a little more boring than usually, and find it hard to rewatch it. Maybe it's just that I've watched it too many times, but there really isnt that much happening for the majority of it, and there are not as many good jokes about it either.

It was a good introduction for Gideon, but I didnt particularly care for the Mabel-romance plot. Stan had a sub-plot this time, which was kind-off funny, but didnt really add that much to my viewing experience. I'd give this episode a 3/5.
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Hey guys, i recently rewatched The Hand That Rocks The Mabel and this is my copypaste sentence.

Plot: Town's favourite lil' Gideon sets Mabel under pressure to date him and start a relationship, while Stan wants to collaborate with Bud Gleeful.

Gideon is creepy, he owns the Journal 2, he actually controls his family, because no one is assertive towards his tantrums and Stan would do everything to get to more money.

lil' Gideon
Journal 2
„It's not that you have to marry Gideon….“ -Dipper
„Great News Mabel! You gonna have to marry Gideon!“ -Stan
beep beep beep „Ignore“ -Wendy
„I rebuke theee“ -Gideon

Ehhhhhh..... The episode's okay. I don't wanna say that I hate the episode or find it bad, it's just... meh? Okay, it foreshadows upcoming S1 Stuff and we all know what stuff he will do in the S1 finale. But the episode itself was okay. The only joke that was really hilarious was the marrige gag.
I'm not sure why, but this is my all time favorite episode.
"do not burn the candle at both ends, as it leads to the life of a hairdresser."
STBFRE Comments

I'm pretty sure the reason why I love this episode pretty much boils down to Gideon and Mabel.

It's a fantastic introduction to the character of Gideon. The majority of the humour comes from him and he carries it well while still being rather imposing.

The episode is the absolute best testament to how much Mabel cares for Dipper. She was furious at Gideon and I remember the first time I saw this I fell in completely in love with the character and there was this ridiculous sense of relief.

Has anyone ever noticed just how awful sibling relationships are usually depicted in cartoons? Hell, even if they were best friends you often get this weird friendliness towards an enemy (who might even be in the process of trying to kill them)...because it's funny it makes the main character mad? What? That's not funny! That's not how friends or family normally behave, that's depressing! I'd have to watch some old shows again to search for examples but...hopefully people get what I'm talking about.

Here I almost thought Mabel was actually going to do that "but we can still be make-over buddies right?" That's how crap sibling relationships have been portrayed before in cartoons. Seeing Mabel reject Gideon and tell him off was just the most satisfying thing ever.
This episode reminds me of the relationship I have with so many of my friend my drama friends when i was at school but I never had mabels issue we were just friends.I kinda just wanna say to gideon "Calm down your ten years old,you have years ahead of you leave mabel alone"

"Check it out Dipper, I successfully bezazzled my face! Blink! Ow..."

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