Mystery-Shack Webmail
Hey guys, I just finished setting up a new mail server for this forum.

So - if you want, you can now get email addresses. The webmailer is kinda basic, but it works and you can also make use of POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols for your own favorite mail client.
[Image: webmail.png]

So if you'd like an address, send me a pm with your request and I will set it up. You will be given an initial password which you can always change yourself using the webmailer preferences.

Have fun, DesertFOX
And there's where I'd get my email...


no but seriously I want one
[Image: Poye0.png]
Just send me a message with your desired address through the forum's PN system Cool
That's sweet :D
Hi guys... just a question to you: Would anyone be interested in this service?

--> [your-name] <-- Would anyone like that?

I have spent the last days reinstalling my email system anyway,
so it wouldn't be any real work to set this up.

Tell me what you think! ;-)
You mean that an E-Mail would atuomatically send to my adress if someone would send it to ""?
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Because I make it a policy to be brutally honest,
I don't see the point in mystery-shack redirect feeds.
There are email links on people's profiles for those who want their email to be shown on their profile already, but there's no way you didn't know that, so why are you introducing this feature?
And, more specifically, why does it require an admin to set up?
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I don't think you're getting the idea:

This would be private email accounts with the adress [name] that would be completely private. Like [name] or any other provider. It would not have a connection to the forum if you didn't want it to. It would just be "Gravity Falls" themed (a little) and offer a nice email-address you can use for everything you want.

Oh well, just an idea...

so it's not a redirect account
cool then i guess
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That sounds like a good idea, I would like to have those type of addresses.
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