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1x05 - The Inconveniencing
(05-25-2015, 02:10 PM)GravityFallsGirl Wrote: Top 4 favorite moments from this episode:
2. Onwards, AOSHIMA!
3. The future is in the past!
4. Stan watching that movie while they were gone- haha

Yeah, Dipper in the lamby outfit is so adorbs.
just do it.
I think it broke my cuteness meter, honestly.
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I remember when I saw the "Onwards Aoshima" scene I couldn't help but think:

"This show...it gets me."
I actually think this was the episode that made me watch more the first episode I saw was Dipper vs Manliness but this one moments like the smile dip trip and I always loved the line from the bird "I'm bonkers for eating you alive" and of course lamby many memorable moments
The Inconveniencing Review


Introduction to Wendy - Finally! Incredibly well done. To me Wendy is the most underrated GF character and this episode is one her shining moments. And I bought her friendship with the twins.

The Ghosts - Holy Shit these things are creepy! Tell me you didn't freak out when they transformed Nate into a hot dog, transported Lee into the cereal box, and possessed Mabel. Their back story and reasons for hating teens also make sense.

The Lamby Lamby Dance- So adorable and funny! I want Jason Ritter to sing it live!

Smile Dip- Amazing! I need some of that!

The Duchess Approves - I was dying of pure laughter.


Checking Up - It kind of bothered me that after Dipper saw Mabel high and potentially ill on sugar, he just leaves her to hang out with the teens until the ghosts arrive.

Voice Issue - I wish they had kept Mabel's real voice instead of a creepy one because that possession cliche annoys me.

STBFRE Comments

S first thing this episode makes me think: we really needed more Wendy, and I'm not taking shipping fodder wise. She's a great character but seriously under used.

The music is phenomenal, reminds me so much of some of my favourite classic 80's horror films, got to love that touch.

There's always that question though, I know I'm over-thinking: where's Robbie go? Sorry Alex, we're too paranoid looking for clues everywhere.

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I finally watched the whole series over the course of a weekend. This is the episode that made me a fan of the show and made me really relate to Dipper. The jokes are all great and the moral is good. Over all its kinda the perfect Gravity falls ep.

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