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1x06 - Dipper vs. Manliness
It's clearly an Abba parody. All depends on how much Abba you an stomach.
I love this episode, it really shows the girly but manly side of Dipper. I love how he listen to Babba, it was hilarious. I still wander what is in that hole that they stick there hand in. it was so weird, it has to be something horrible, like a snake, or something. I give ti 5 chest hairs
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This is by far my least favorite episode so far, everything was just, ok.
The main Dippr plot just seemed like it had been to death before in other shows, I actually liked the Stan and Mabel plot more especially the montage. Overall the weakest episode I have seen, boring plots and not as funny as some other episodes
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Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that actually really likes this episode! The jokes were hilarious, ( umm, disco girl anyone?) I will admit the plot was somewhat weak, and it could have had a bit more meaning. Grunkle Stan and Lazy Susan, man, that was a weird couple. All those calls at the end were hilarious. Overall, it was great, but there's been better.
"Disco Girl, Comin through, that girl is you!!!!"
"ONWARDS AOSHIMA!" [Image: S1e5_O.O.gif]
3.5/5 Funny episode but average story.
Haha love that episode. Training Mix is my favorite Gravity Falls song!
"I wear fezzes now, fezzes are cool." --The Doctor
So you're saying that The Doctor is Grunkle Stan...?
Even though this episode was about Dipper becoming a man, he was beyond ADORABLE in it!

The fact that he likes girly Icelandic Pop music is just precious.

There are many other things I really liked about this episode too, but I'm not going to list them all.
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This was actually the first episode I watched, so even if it wasn't as great as some of the others it still sold me on the show. I especially loved the Mabel and Stan subplot.
I think this might be the funniest one. Not best, but funniest.
I was watching this the other day, and the whole time I was laughing out loud like a hyena and my mom would give me the craziest looks.
Also, I finally understand their names after remembering a bit from my school lessons on puberty. (except Beardy and Leaderaur)
I'm no good at sports, so to me, my greatest achievement was first Manotaur. ;n;
3.5/5 , my least favorite episode, but it was still pretty good.

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