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1x06 - Dipper vs. Manliness
It's one of my favorite episodes because when I got the reference to ABBA, I got excited as hell and realized I really want to talk with Dipper about... other "girly" retro bands he might be into and share some favorite music of mine. :P
I know it's rather a headcanon but it's first time I've seen my favorite character liking something what is important to me.
Dipper vs. Manliness: In which Dipper joins a cult.

[Image: 17YfMsA.gif]
[Image: T1TfhwX.gif]

Most .gifs and screenshots like this are taken wildly out of context, but the context in this episode is that Dipper just agreed to kill someone in order to pass initiation and become a man.

This isn't news, but I thought it was funny.
[Image: Eg3lWTv.png][Image: tumblr_mcy2clswjj1qesb9j_by_homestuck__f...699rlh.png]
not a ship
Muti Bear = Doc Oc from Spider-Man 2

^ little fun fact
Which is funny when you realise he is Dipper's spirit animal...
And instead of multiple arms he has multiple heads

Also says I accept my fate the same way
^Stuff like this is one of the many reasons why I love this show.
Dipper Vs Manliness Review


The moral/Dipper's development - Handling amazingly well. I know what he was going through. I loved when Dipper stood up for himself at the end as well. The moral works great as well and isn't done in an overly cheesy way.

Mabel's B Plot- Extremely entertaining and funny. Great bonding with her and Stan to. Makes perfect sense that Mabel would have a scrapbook.

The cold open - Puma or Panther Shirt?

Manatours - Strange and funny. Very creative as well like the gnomes. My favorite was the leader.

Multi Bear- A talking bear voiced by Doc Ock? I'm in!

Disco Girl - I want Jason Ritter to sing this and the lamby lamby dance.


Apology - I felt like Mabel and Stan should've apologized to Dipper for their teasing. Wasn't completely mean but they went a little bit to far. They probably apologized off screen though.

Short Montage - Good but to short.

In my opinion, this is the most underrated episode. 3.5/5
STBFRE Comments

I actually really like this episode. It's a great lesson and GF excelled with it imo.

Sprint to Take Back the Falls Episode Rewatch:
Dipper vs. Manliness

I'll admit it up front, I am one of those people who consider this to be a rather low tier episode. I wouldn't call it bad, but its a matter of scale. Gravity Falls had, in a only 5 episodes, established a pretty high standard for itself; and that is a good thing. Very few episodes fail to live up to my expectations. This happens to be one of them. I definitely appreciate the jokes and Dipper's story, but the Mabel subplot didn't appeal to me much and the whole episode felt like it was going straight for the laughs, which is fine. I'm all about taking an episode as it is and not as it should've been in my opinion, but beyond my opinion, I have little to say about this episode, so an in-depth review with evidence from scenes in the show that is a more objective look at the episode and not just my opinion of how it should've been would be rather difficult to do. Overall, this is an ok episode that I only really watch i it happens to be on,. Nothing too special here, in my opinion.

[Image: giffany_button_by_sparrowag17-d9k3kov.png]
[Image: tumblr_ndbolzrktU1qhccbco7_250.gif] [Image: tumblr_ndbolzrktU1qhccbco2_250.gif]
Avatar by Nefa.
From the re-watch on te subject of the pain-hole.

Quote:[22:14:18] RazzMaltMan: What's in there?
[22:14:22] BaronNum-Nums: spiders
[22:14:25] no...
[22:14:28] snakes
[22:14:29] ENWT: it's a vagina. with teeth
[22:14:36] Keniko: YEs
[22:14:36] BaronNum-Nums: ooohhh...
[22:14:44] ENWT: or maybe that thing from star wars
[22:14:47] that big hole monster

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