Gravity Falls Reaction Gifs/Images
Had the idea after I posted this frame:
[Image: i1mvmf.jpg]
It totally work as a reaction image.

Alright guys, get them images and gifs ready, but only if they would work as a reaction image.

[Image: 2qthnjn.jpg]

[Image: e8lao7.jpg]
NEW image in production
I'm keeping: Stan's Fez, F's Laptop, Pacifica's Dog, and ☆Bill's Top Hat☆

lol awesome reference [Image: 3ed81e43736405f7c5578b5f6f2ffe28.gif]
[Image: C6WcSq8VAAA1XiK.png] [Image: 58bf3199c9b3883486684133.gif]
I think Doc wasnt talking about gifs in general, only about pictures from the show.
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
[Image: 247?cb=20140415160808&path-prefix=pl]

So do they have to be directly from the show Doc or just GF themed gifs?

Glad I saw that one there though, that shit's hilarious.

[Image: tumblr_n0lz0uVGyQ1so2163o2_500.gif]
For when something gets weird:

[Image: tumblr_ndfqw5ADE31tgg3r4o7_500.gif]
My favorite scene Remember- EVERYTHING is a conspiracy! I'm keeping: the infinity sided die, the gyphon from DD&mD, Dippy Fresh's Corpse, and *Mabel's Gummy Worm Video*
[Image: tumblr_nyrl1z6Tg11urvdxfo1_540.gif]
I hope the Finebros don't notice we're stealing their copyright...

[Image: tumblr_m6v6rmr24z1rafdwyo1_500.gif]

(Yeah, yeah, obvious joke everyone's thinking of when they see the word now, sue me...)

I got quite a few from Legend of the Gobblewonker
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