What is the strange board game that Dipper and Mabel have just discovered in their attic bedroom? This story combines Gravity Falls with the Jumanji TV cartoon series. All characters belong to Disney and Columbia TriStar Television, not me.

Chapter 1 – I'm Game

Chapter 2 – The Only Game in Town
I must say this is an interesting fiction here ; the plot really did catch my curiosity, and I will definitely wait impatiently for the next chapters.

On the other hand, the narration is very poor... That's a shame. You really should have added some more descriptions, it would have been much better, even though it's already good. But whatever.

Anyway, I'll keep reading, so keep it on ! ^^
i like the idea
I've updated the first chapter a little to set the jungle scene, and I'll work on more descriptions as I go along.
Chapter 3 – Cheaters Never Prosper


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