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(If we already have something similar to this, sorry. I searched around and couldn't find one, but I could have missed it.)

Anyways, the way you play the game is to ask a question (User 1: "How does Gravity Falls go on hiatus?") and the next person answers it as foolishly as possible (User 2: "Disney throws darts at a calendar to decide the air dates") and then asks one themselves. I saw different versions of it on other forums and it worked pretty well.

So, first question. Why is "Dipper" Dipper's nickname?
A. his parents hated him

my Q why is Bill everywhere video arcade, mystery shack windows and carpet etc
A: Those aren't Bill, they're his twins. His mother had "bajilliontuples" and most of them live in Gravity Falls.

Q: What's with the floating cliffs and why do they look like a stereotypical UFO?
A.. thats because they are Aliens in Gravity Falls

Q.. do you think mermando will return
A: No, the manatee queen brutally murdered him and hid the body in the pool after he confessed he doesn't actually love her.

Q: Why hasn't Nintendo made a Wario Land 5?
A: Because Wario is a Cinnamon Roll too good for this world, too pure

Q: Why did the Cinnamon Roll meme become a meme?
A: Because he secretly removes all taste buds of certain people and replaces them with taste buds that can only taste cinnamon.

Q: Why?
A: Because he's lonely and wants to be loved.
Q: Why does Batman wear a cape?
A: it makes him more aerodynamic.

Q: Why does Seeker love to modstop?
cuz he's a dick

why did squash wario get cut?
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