Hey Guys!
I'm a nearly thirteen year old Aussie girl who is now obsessed with Gravity Falls, thanks to my best friend telling me about the show about six months ago. I regret nothing.
My name on here is because I can't think of anything else.
I have one brother who is a year and one half younger than me, but more than a few people have thought we are twins...
We also look a lot like Dipper and Mabel...
It is FATE. Hehe!
(he loves GF too.)
My signature on here also represents our relationship with each other in a nutshell... Hehe!
*ahem* So yeah. I hope I'll have a great time on Mystery Shack!
Please excuse the awkwardness, intros are so weird.
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Welcome to the Shack, now with 20% more obscure references! I remember watching Not What He Seems and thinking "AUTUMN LEAVES WILL BURN AS THE SEASONS TURN, NATURE'S RED IN TOOTH AND IN CLAW" because FUDGE YEAH, this show is awesome.

Don't mind me, I just came back from Reddit. :v
welcome to the shack

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Yo! Welcome to the Mystery Shack! Clever quote from the show!

Be careful, though, some of us are very strange. Including me!
Don't worry, I'm a bit strange too!
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Welcome to the mysterious Shack of Mysteries, where none of us are sane! Have fun!
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Welcome to the Mystery Shack where we put the "Fun" in SUPER DUPER WOOPER HAPPY EXTREME SPECIAL MEGA FUN TIME!!!!!! Hehe!
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Welcome to a world of mystery!
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Welcome to the Mystery Shack, a place not for the faint of heart or light of wallet!
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DK is coming to steal your bananas. And kick some ass. And steal more bananas.
Welcome to the shack, Bub! Nice to meet you, and hope you enjoy your stay.

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