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2x12 - A Tale of Two Stans
Glad someone finally agrees with me
NEW image in production
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Hoh geeeez! Boy am I just stoked now that some updates are seeping out into the open! Personally I wouldn't mind having a whole flashback episode just to give some time-off from the clearly broken relationships of the Twins and Stanford.

As for Gideon getting the bolo tie, it's impossible that he ever met the Author. Remember that he was born in the 2000s and that Stanford's bro disappeared in the early 1980s after McG's descent to insanity. Also, it's not far out for McG to have taken Journal #2 along with him and then subsequently losing it at some point later. Either he dropped it at some point later or was just a bad keeper after he went bananas. Gideon could've taken it or probably even Bud who was a member of McG's Society of the Blindeye.
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Ugh...can July please come already!
E désir de se occuper moins de choses à desserrer votre emprise sur votre vie, pour arrêter regardant derrière vous tous quelques pas, de peur que quelqu'un va l'arracher à vous avant que vous arrivez à la fin de zone plutôt de tenir votre vie de façon lâche et ludique, comme un terrain de volley, le garder dans l'air, avec seulement interventions rapides fugaces, rebondissant librement dans les mains des amis de confiance, toujours en jeu.
The two photos are connected! I did not do this, somebody from Twitter did.
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Also, I think the gnome in the cage is Shmebulock, before he either went insane because of being in the cage too long, or Mcgucket tested the mind eraser on him.

Also I bet the cage under the gnome is the one with the shapeshifter in it.
I think it was testing by the author to find a weakness. Just being in a cage doesn't necessarily make someone snap, and McGucket tested his device on himself and intended it for other humans, he doesn't have much reason to use it on a gnome.

A cage wouldn't keep a shapeshifter very well, he could easily get out. I think the journal says he found it in the tunnels, too.
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If the author did turn him into Shmebulock, wouldnt he have written something about it one the gnome page?
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
I can't wait for this episode I am over-hyped for this I am intrested in the past and the relationship between the two brothers
A day will come in the future where everything you care about will change! Until then I'll be watching you!
I think it would be really cool :)
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(06-03-2015, 09:19 PM)Floating Eyeball Wrote: A cage wouldn't keep a shapeshifter very well, he could easily get out. I think the journal says he found it in the tunnels, too.
"He used to write it while I was in my cage" - Shapeshifter

So the cage in the photo most likely isn't it, but we do know the caged shape shifter was somewhere in the shack.
Sorry, I should have specified that a cage with bars like that wouldn't hold him well, I forgot that he said that.
There actually is a cage in the bunker, though.
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I personally think he was probably referring to the chamber he gets put in at the end, it's still a 'cage' of sorts, and the author and the shapeshifter (who came up with the Dipper and Mabel fusion on its own) don't seem dull enough to consider a smaller form to slip through the bars. There's two containers broken out of as well, I think it's possible something else was in the bunker that the shapeshifter would have used to further deceive them.
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