Hot Thread?
The "hot thread" requirement is based on views. This doesn't make much sense, as a thread can become hot without any replies at all. I think that for a thread to become hot, it should have anywhere from 30 - 50 replies.
Your right about that, 'cause I made my own thread and when I logged back on, the little button was red, and I was all excited and then I saw the number of replies. It just got my hopes up for nothing :(
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I am sorry, but i dont really know what the reason for this is as well. I'll messeage Feyrah next time she comes online about it.
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Thanks for the help.
maybe she thought the forum wouldn't go very well either way... Tounge''
and forgot to change it when she was proven wrong Hehe!
(somebody needs to sing the stan wrong song here... ;) )
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I think it's views rather than replies (I have a 'hot thread' with two replies), but I do think the bar is set too low.
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Yeah, it shouldn't be based on views, in my opinion.
Hot threads are based on views AND replies. Not sure how many it is for this forum, but the default is 20 replies or 150 views. The thread becomes hot whenever either of these are reached.

We could increase the number of views required or decrease the number of replies required to get a similar effect to what you're requesting.
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