How To Deal with Trolls (and other nuisances) [WIP]
This is the thread for ideas to handle a troll or some other annoyance. Feel free to give your own ideas, and I hope it helps you all.

We all know the golden rule of fighting trolls is to never feed them. Trolls live off anger, and letting them die off is the best course of action. The best way to prevent feeding a troll is to remember that everything they say about you is just to annoy you, and most likely not true. Keeping this in your head will help you stop from getting angered.

Rule 2 - Leave It to the Mods and Report the Troll
Mods are the best people for dealing with the trolls. You may be a master at debating, but the mods are the only ones who can actually get rid of them. If you truly think they are trolling and a mod hasn't stopped them yet, you can always report them.

Rule 3 - Don't Troll Back
(thanks, sowsow12345)
It's not a good idea to rage at trolls, but don't do the opposite of that either. This will only get you both in trouble. Also, don't be a troll in the first place. Trolling is never good, okay?

It's not a long list, but this is still a work in progress.

Big thanks to SoosUnknown and Arson Sasport for helping me with this.
Here's just another one:

Don't Be a Troll

When someone is trolling, don't troll back! That's BAD! Sad It can cause other people to troll, and soon, everyone will be trolling.
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That's pretty good. I'll add my own description though, that's a bit small.

A notice to all users:
The Synchtube was visited by a number of anonymous and unidentified users, who threatened the synchtube users, and possibly by extension the mystery shack with "The worst to come on December 15th."
Please be aware in the coming week and a half, and keep a watchful eye for suspicious activity.
Report everything to the moderators and admins.

Thank you for your cooperation!
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Welp, looks like it's started. A reminder to everyone:

Don't talk to them.
Don't interact with them.
It won't help. We won't get anywhere.
There's a chance you'll get caught up in the fight.

Ignore them. Don't try to prove them wrong. They have no problem proving they're idiots on their own.
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Alright, I'm just going to pull my recliner back and watch the events unfold! Welcome... to the 75th hunger games! to Trollmagedon! The return of the sinister trolls!
A recomendation: Just leave the shoutbox alone for now. As others have said, ignore them. I'm sure the get hit with the banhammer hard as soon as the mods get online.
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Yeah, stay away, its the best course of action. If they show up in any threads, stay away and try not to let them throw the thread off the rails
They haven't posted anything on any thread so far, which is a good thing.
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