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2x13 - Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons
From what I've heard, Weird Al will be voicing the Lunatic Wizard in the episode.

Have we heard any sound clips from the episode besides the leaked cold opening? I'm honestly curious about Al's performance in this.
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^ well I'm just hearing of this now so......
Yup, the wizard will be voiced by Weird Al, here's the source:http://www.tvinsider.com/article/26402/gravity-falls-alex-hirsch-season-2-all-will-be-revealed/
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Weird Al, J.k. Simmons, and Alex hirch all in one episode. Yes Please!~
yes, yes, YES

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Also a cool speak roll where...Adam Sandler xD he could speak an untalented actor or something like that (What a coincidence) ^^
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Well my friend sent me a GF video and I didn't know what it was. But it ended up being some leaked footage of the scene before the opening credits.

I will not be saying what happens in the clip but I will discuss where the episode might be going based on the clip.

As you probably guessed Dipper wants to talk to Ford and help him. But Stanley is trying his best to keep Dipper up in the shack and out of the basement. Ford is most likely trying to keep Dipper out because of how Stanley told him to stay away from the kids plus the fact that I don't think Ford believes that Dipper is capable of handling all this dangerous stuff. However Dipper is really curious and we know he seriously wants to go down into the basement but Stanley won't let him. So my guess is that because Dipper knows the code to get into the basement he's probably gonna sneak down there and accidentally unleash the wizard and all that stuff. However because he's read journal 3 he's probably gonna prove himself to the author. My guess is that part of the reason Ford won't let Dipper help is because Dipper's just a kid and he doesn't know what he's been through. However Dipper might have this chance to prove what he's capable of. So Dipper and Ford might spark a friendship in this episode. Therefor leading to the Mabel Stanley pair and the Dipper Ford pair.
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I just watched Vail's analysis of the new episode. he said that Ford will most likely go to the bunker in order to find out what happened to it, and he will find the shapeshifter frozen. BUT remember the shapeshifter has now the form of Dipper. As the commenter above me said, Ford might doubt Dipper's ability to deal with dangerous stuff. What if Dipper follows Ford to the bunker, even though the great uncle will disapprove of it? Ford might see the frozen dipper and think the kid got himself into some trouble, and after defrosting him, he'll learn he made a mistake. a huge mistake himself.
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^ that's a good theoey
^ Maybe he'll learn about two mistakes he made 1. Freeing the Shapeshifter 2. Getting so wrapped up in mysteries that he put Dipper in harms way. Even though it will end up being the Shapeshifter Ford could think of what might of been and that it could have been Dipper.
Or maybe the Shapeshifter will pose as Dipper who knows.
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I don't think this episode will be very conspiracy-ish. I think this episode will develop the Author's character a bit more.
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