Journal 3 Replica!
New preview pages have been released!
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
(03-24-2016, 10:26 PM)MysterySeeker Wrote: New preview pages have been released!

I want it

Hopefully nobody burns mine
ayyy too soon...

Still waiting...
[Image: image.png]
What will be in the Journal
Tell me guys, where do you leave the cryogenic chamber after the second part of season 2 began?
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Welp, since I already made a list for the Choose your own Adventure Book, I might as well do this. So here they are, all the pages revealed to be in journal 3!

Property Of Page
June 18 Page
Introduction Page
Gnomes Page
Floating Eyeballs Page
The Gremloblin Page
Leprecorn Page
Category 1 Ghost Page
What does it mean? Page
UFO Page

Promotional Card - Bill
Promotional Card - Blind Eye
Promotional Card - Gnome
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
I'm both excited and sad that Journal #3 is going to be a real book that fans can actually have.

I'm excited that there are more mysteries to uncover. The nostalgic feeling that will come from reading it is going to be so wonderful. Hehe!

So why am I sad too?
Because July 26 is my birthday and I don't have the money to even per-order this book that I really really really want.

[Image: 20120921034724] Stevon is a sad fangirl.
Madness is Amazingness!
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Finally preordered mine (here for any of you fellow Canadians out there) although I probably won't get it before the 29th... Ah it doesn't matter I'm super excited! ^^ Guess that also means I'll have a lot of discussing to do on this forum about the new things that get revealed- how nostalgic.
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The 26th is actually your birthday Hope? Bummer, those are some pretty crazy odds. Surely you could find a way to raise 30? Maybe tell someone that's the one thing you want for your birthday? :?

But indeed F4G, hopefully there's plenty for us to discuss here.
I'm going to get to have a copy of the Journal after all!!

It was all thanks to an awesome big brother who pre-ordered it for me.

I have never looked so forward to my birthday before!

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Madness is Amazingness!
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Knew it. Enjoy it when you get it. Don't spoil it for the rest of us if you get it earlier.

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