Journal 3 Replica!
(07-18-2016, 10:19 PM)HopeCvon Wrote: I'm going to get to have a copy of the Journal after all!!

It was all thanks to an awesome big brother who pre-ordered it for me.

I have never looked so forward to my birthday before!

Ay glad to hear it. Also, can we trade siblings please? Wink
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(03-30-2016, 06:18 PM)MysterySeeker Wrote: Property Of Page

ad astra per aspera...

Related to per aspera ad astra? Which apparently means "through hardships to the stars" (I don't know latin but seems like a really nice touch)
Yep. It means "To The Stars, Through Difficulty".
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HopeCvon, you have an awesome sibling. :)

I actually haven't pre-ordered Journal 3, hoping to just see it in Barmes and Noble along with the Gravity Falls Choise-Your-Own-Adventure book.
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i would seriously be happy just to touch the pages... <3 and that's likely all i can afford to do $^$
It's $12 dollars dudes...
(07-20-2016, 09:35 AM)Hanaurie Wrote: It's $12 dollars dudes...

+Shipping unless you have Amazon Prime
True, but all in all that's as good as it gets.
Oh wait. I forgot

There are no shipping costs on Books.
Wait what? Are you da-josching me?

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