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He's got... issues.

The thing is, he exploited the war between the Ancients and Elders to damage Yggdrasil, the world tree. That let the Deizens of the Far Realms, and Bill became a Chaos Lord as a reward. But on the flip side, all his friends, and the closest thing he ever had to a home, burned.

However, Bill didn't start actively hating the Deizens until he was banished to the Far Realms after the War of Citrus. They mentally tortured him with the fact that Bill betrayed everything he had for power. From there on out, it was personal.

Also, Bill wants to rule his weirdness. He wants to be greatest authority, even over the laws of science and magic. He doesn't like the fact that there's a power greater then him, like the Deizens. Thus, the vendetta.
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I see that the term 'cultist' is used a lot, so I thought I'd define something.

Richard does not deify Bill. Because of how Bill talks and acts, the relationship between the two is less deity to cultist and more teacher to student or muse to philosopher. It's like Ford and Bill. Research partners.

Also Richard physically either looks like Bipper or Human Bill with brown hair and two eyes.
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