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1x01 - Tourist Trapped
Quote:Dipper and Mabel Pines arrive in the remote town of Gravity Falls, Oregon to live with their Great Uncle Stan over the summer at his tourist trap, the Mystery Shack. After Dipper discovers a journal detailing the supernatural side of the region, he begins to become suspicious when he believes Mabel's new boyfriend might be a zombie.

This is the first episide I and most of you got to see. It remains one of my favourites! The most important characters have been introduced and a wide variety of background art is shown. I loved it!

To watch it, a simple type in of "Gravity Falls Episode 1" Into the google search should suffice.

[Image: gravity-falls-tourist-trapped-end-credit...94x387.png]
I absolutely agree this is definitely one of the best episodes. This show is just too good~
The art and animation are just beautiful and it's really worth checking out the artists blogspots that work on this show to see some of the art in it's raw form (:
I think this is the weakest episode and while it does introduce the main elements of the show it doesn't really get going until the reveal at the end. Brilliant reveal btw. That reveal alone is what kept me on the series. I give it a three.
Not my favorite episode, but solid. It had plenty of comedy, so it was more of a joke/setup than a seriously plotful episode. But it was fun. Also, Blendin Blandin cameo is mind-blowing.
The Mailman
Well, it was the very first episode, but it already had many awesome moments. I lol'd at the Justin Bieber poster at the beginning or how Mabel wished Norman was a vampire. I didn't see the reveal coming, either. At first I really thought Norman was a zombie, but then it became too obvious. For a moment I just wished Norman would turn out to be Justin Bieber, for some reason, that would have been hilarious.

The gnomes were also great, especially the "rainbow puke" thing (did gnomes become 20% cooler? Maybe).

It was a great episode, just showed us that this show was going to be awesome.
It's a pretty amazing episode and an awesome way to introduce the series~
Now who the heck voted 1 grappling hook?
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First episode I watched, and while it certainly did have it's moments, I... wasn't quite hooked. Unlike other people, I make it a point to watch every episode available before deciding if I like a TV series or not, and I DON'T just give up or immediately judge a series after just one episode (er-hem...). I mean, it was a good, entertaining episode, and a great introduction to the series, I just don't know if I was entirely convinced if I would like it...

I like how it explains why Dipper and Mabel are there, it gives good descriptions and shows us how Dipper, Mabel, and Grunkle Stan act and behave typically. Wendy and Soos, not so much, although at least with Soos, you get the implication that he's going to be more helpful than pretty much any other character in the series (and given how he usually comes off as just a big simpleton, that's REALLY saying something). Wendy, on the other hand... Could not get a grasp on her. Hell, even now she's a pretty boring character, though at the very least she let Dipper use the golf cart with no fuss at all (thank goodness, I didn't want to go through a "you're crazy" or "trying to prove/explain myself" exchange with her in this episode). Also, back to Grunkle Stan, while it sets up that Stan is a greedy con man, near the end, hist act of kindness towards Dipper and Mabel made you realize that, for all his jerkass tendencies, he still cares about his family... That being sad, in keeping with his character, he when questioned what the catch is, he replies "the catch is do it before I change my mind". Brilliant. Not to mention, what he does... at the very end of the episode... :o

I think what really makes this a good episode is the overall twist. Like, you know something is up with "Norman", and while there are plenty of hints to make us believe there's something not right about him, pushing the zombie angle, I doubt ANYONE would have guessed (without seeing any trailers or the infamous rainbow barf image) that Norman was really a bunch of gnomes stacked on top of each other. I laughed my ass of at that!

Two things, though; I find it weird that Mabel has not been interested in a boy since this episode (perhaps it was just a phase?) and that we haven't seen the grappling hook since, either (perhaps a Chekov's gun moment? Here's hoping).

So yeah, 4 out of 5. Good introduction, even if it didn't catch me immediately.
It wast that bad but certainly no the best
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(10-26-2012, 12:23 AM)EM002 Wrote: It wast that bad but certainly no the best

Whaaaaat? It was good! It defined the characters for new viewers and showed Dipper and Mabel's siblinghood.
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