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1x01 - Tourist Trapped
(09-24-2012, 03:48 AM)WaxMatt202 Wrote: First episode I watched, and while it certainly did have it's moments, I... wasn't quite hooked. Unlike other people, I make it a point to watch every episode available before deciding if I like a TV series or not, and I DON'T just give up or immediately judge a series after just one episode (er-hem...). I mean, it was a good, entertaining episode, and a great introduction to the series, I just don't know if I was entirely convinced if I would like it...

Haha, that's funny, cause I am. I mean, I liked it, but wasn't sure I liked it enough to pay for each episode. Then I watched Gobblewonker and that was funny, and Headhunters was funny, and by Hand that Rocks the Mabel I was hooked...

What I do like about this episode that you don't in every episode is the sense of ever present danger. Just the lines in book three, written by someone who clearly fears for their lives. It makes you look at every character and really think they might have something insidious about them. At this point, there was so little known about Wendy I was even guessing she wrote the book. I mean, why have this character present and not have them do anything? Didn't know she was gonna be the love interest.

I do think Mabel was a little out of character here. She's not boy crazy, as first episode!Dipper states. But I can let that slide- FEs are always a little weird compared to the rest of the series.

But best of all, and this is, of course, true for the whole series: the jokes are genuinely funny. You don't roll your eyes and you don't have to force it. They take you by surprise and that's awesome.
I agree that Mabel was out of character. But at the end, I think she learned her lesson, so that's what changed her character.

^^ Hey look! Character development! This is bound to be an amazing series.
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You should rate it by gallons of Gnome puke. 1 gallon of Gnome puke, 2 gallons of Gnome puke, etc. I would rate it 5 gallons of Gnome puke.
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Character development in the first episode? Hmm, it's possible.
In my opinion the first episode is the best episode but in this case only I don't think it is but I still love this episode. You would have never expected that Mabel's Boyfriend were Gnomes! It was kind of weird how Mabel was desperate to have a boyfriend at first but I don't think it was a big deal. What I did hear about was when he found the book he had to knock on a tree, and when he knocks on the tree it makes a metal sounds, I heard that that banging sound is the same as the sounds when he walked on the GobbleWonker. It was strange to me at first but it started to make sense. One thing that would have made this episode better than it already is was if they showed more creatures in the book but I guessed that's the mystery of it and I love mysteries. All in all this was for sure one of the many favorite episodes I have.
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(09-08-2012, 05:21 PM)Ecthudan Wrote: I lol'd at the Justin Bieber poster at the beginning

you laugh out louded? is louded even a word? lol Tounge

Really Dipper, an invisible wizard......
My personal opinion of the show will now be shared.

At first I thought, "Ugh! Another stupid Disney show!" Then I *accidentally* watched it on demand to view the damage. What I was expecting was cheesy jokes and predictable story lines. No, my friends. What I got was the exact opposite. Humor similar to mine and the perfect amount of twists and turns. Now I am obsessed with the show, as you can tell by all my sites (found in my signature) and my account on this site as well.
I'm no good at sports, so to me, my greatest achievement was first Manotaur. ;n;
Wow for the first episode in the series it was pretty good.
It had a very good main series plot setup and was pretty funny, although mayb not as funny as the othr episodes I hav sn so far.
Oh and the animation is really well done in this show as well as the backgrounds.
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I liked the episode
4/5 great episode! Which is pretty rare for a first episode.

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