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(12-02-2016, 09:40 PM)HONEYPANTS!! Wrote: I'm reading the Scarlett letter for school.

I don't actually hate the book but i gotta read a chapter every night and take a 6 question quiz on it the nest day and I keep failing every quiz. Just curse you! What the hell am I supposed to be looking for?!?! What do you want me to remember!!! Just ugggh.

That was basically my experience with The Great Gatsby.
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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Note: Yes, I get this was a screenplay initially. That doesn't relate to any of my issues.

Oh my God, this was cliched as fuck. First off, you should realize this is a time-travel story. I hate these normally, but this one also makes the mistake of having it make no damn sense by being so indecisive about how time works in the plot. It swaps between choosing time is linear and time is free-formed, and it gets annoying as shit. There's also a "twist" near the third act's end, but they try to build it up to the point you know exactly what the twist is. The only thing that caught me off guard with the twist is that it felt like it was thrown into the book to bring it up another act, because it only feels like filler. The ending feels like it was trying to be sunshines and rainbows, considering that it gave every character a "Final Scene" to wrap up the story. My main issue with this book was that the stakes were caused in the most cliche way possible. Hell, they even use the exact "I wish you weren't my son" line to set it up. Not to mention one of the factors leading to the point where the twist would be relevant, the book doesn't explain how it would make sense.

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I also have a small issue with one scene. Specifically, the characters allude to Neville in a way where you'd think he'd be an important character, but he never appears in the book, which is kind of ironic, considering I was hoping his character would get touched on. In any case, this book was decent at best and insultingly cheesy at worst. It feels like a lackluster Harry Potter fanfiction, and we've all seen one of those. Still, I have to give it credit, as it did make me wonder how I would make a time travel plot.
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Anthem by Ayn Rand.

Had to read it for school, but couldn't finish it and it was only 104 pages not to mention I didn't have to start until page 13 it that so boring. The worst part is that every person in my class that I talked to thought it was so good and didn't get why I didn't like it. At least my sister agreed with me. My teacher talked it up so much and it turned into a crap ton of boring.
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So, it seemed like everyone I know was freaking out over this book. I gave it a go - after all, if so many people love it, it can't be that bad, right?


This is the kind of book that reads more like a list of every YA cliche imaginable than anything resembling a new or interesting story.

- Love triangle between some hot dark-and-mysterious dude that shows up and your best friend? Check.
- Mysterious and unexplained supernatural rules that dictate She Cannot Be With The One She Loves for no apparent reason? Check.
- Survival of the entire world literally hinges upon which dude she picks in her angsty love triangle? Check.
- Ridiculously hot heroine convinced she is fugly? Check.
- Unique never-before-seen snowflake of a heroine who has magical powers no one in the history of ever has had before? Check.
- Abusive past for said heroine? Check.
- Blindly helpful best gal pay with no personality aside from totally ignoring her best friend's mental health and safety? Check.
- Dead mother? Check.
- Constantly busy/borderline-deadbeat dad? Check.
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