Why do GF ship Dipper and Mable and Ford and Stan
Because people are messed up
If you can pair them they will because there's a ship for everyone.
(08-12-2015, 03:54 PM)BILL_CIPHER78 Wrote: Because people are messed up

Welcome to the dark side of this Fandom:
A bit of ship hate I'd like to express just once, please know I don't hold the ships against anyone who does ship them (Click to View)
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I was completely unaware the Ford and Stan were shipped.

...but they hate each other. why would you ever ship them?
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(08-12-2015, 10:04 PM)Ontheceiling Wrote: I was completely unaware the Ford and Stan were shipped.

...but they hate each other. why would you ever ship them?

That's known as the "Hateship". Gideon and Dipper are another example of a popular "Hateship".

This is really common in Anime/Video Game fanfiction. So if you are used to reading those genre fanfics, it shouldn't come as a surprise seeing it elsewhere.
People still pair up Cloud and Sephiroth as a ship in FFVII fics even to this day, when we all know they would gut each other with their swords on sight.

Part of this problem is "Woobification" of a villain or a character that has really good reason why they wouldn't like another character in-show.
Suddenly, Sephiroth is no longer a power-hungry insane psychopath bent on destroying the world: "He's just simply misunderstood! And needs someone who understands him!"
Or from Code Geass: "Lelouch and Suzaku used to be such great friends together! They may hate each other now, but they still like each other in secret. Well, time to completely ignore the fact that both characters have done some really, really horrible awful things to each other and others!
Or also ignore the fact that if the character is aware of how Lelouch acts they shouldn't fricking trust Lelouch if their life depended on it!"

As to Gravity Falls fanfics, both Gideon and Bill suffer from "Woobification" from certain fans. Bill more so than Gideon does.
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The Fandom:
When two characters hate each other: "I ship them!"
When two characters are in a relationship: "What?"
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