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(08-19-2015, 08:40 AM)Dimmu Pines Wrote: One of the most upbeat songs Dimmu has

I'm so proud of that one Hehe!

For me, this is the ultimate singalong song.
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This song has helped to cheer me up recently.
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It's really hard for me to feel down whenever I play this song.

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When i'm sad, i listen to my large selection of Steam Powered Giraffe and Owl City songs.
(and actually, especially when i'm disappointed about something/someone, three days grace. XD it makes me feel powerful and bad@$$. so much bad@$$.)
i have a very... wide taste in music.

some of my favorites are
SPG - Honey Bee
SPG - I Love It (cover)
SPG - Brass Goggles.

OC - Strawberry Avalanche
OC - The Bird And The Worm (mainly for the puns! XD )
OC - How Became The Sea

(three days grace XD )
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Catarina Warwick - Pollyanna (from the official MOTHER album)

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