Egyptian Hieroglyphs on the Bill Scroll
From this trailer/preview of the Last Mabelcorn.

So far I had this much figured out:
However, other people have been working at it non-stop to solve/translate it.
There's a really long post from tumblr talking about it and asking the Yu-gi-oh fandom for help.
Okamimi was also working on the various columns shown on the scroll.

And aquaburst07 posted this:
Quote:From what I gather from this, this is what the message reads…
I could be way off on this, since I am piecing everything together right now. xD

I've seen other different passages too, so I have a feeling a lot of people might be getting certain sections wrong or mistranslated.
Eventually, this will get solved.
Maybe even here, if anyone wants to try a hand at it.
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I kind of expected those to be random symbols.
The journals are already full of random alchemic symbols after all.
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