Night Mode
Can't you just turn the brightness down on your computer/mobile device?
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^this pretty much. You can also get a program that adjusts the colour and brightness of your monitor.
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(09-06-2015, 02:45 PM)MysterySeeker Wrote: In my opinion, it is pretty dark already, with the background and all. What would you want to change for a night mode?

Switch the colors of the bright tan background and the text, so that it's darker, and make the blue a navy blue. Really, that's it.

But then the green buttons would stick out like a sore thumb.
Then darken those too.
But the admins would have to remake every single button.
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There are screen filters on the Google store for this purpose.
Unless you're not google-nabled, in which case I laugh.

why are you even on the forum so late at night
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It's absolutely possible to install a new theme with darker colors that you could opt in for in your user settings.
It's also probably* possible to do this for mobile.
In both cases, this would not be the default option, so you'd have to manually select it for either device. I'm not sure how theme selection on mobile works, so choosing the mobile night mode might result in the inconvenience I stumbled across awhile back.

It's also probably possible to create one theme that switches from the default bright colors to a night mode depending upon the hour in your timezone, but that's not something I know much about and it would definitely take longer to do.

If none of the images are changed from default to night mode, it could probably be made in a day or two. Mobile would be even faster since it has no images. Personally I think a night mode should have a more fitting banner than the default one, so if that was done it would definitely take longer.

*I'm 90% sure MyBB lets you install & choose from now than one mobile theme, but there's still that 10% chance I'm wrong.
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