John & Jason HD (My Online Cartoon)
A while back (in around early 2014) me and my friend Lee banded together and created the most horrible cartoon to ever be uploaded to YouTube. At the time we thought it was the best thing ever, but as we grew older...

We realized it was SHIT.

So around 2 months ago, we banded together AGAIN and rebooted it better than ever! With a revamped script, better drawing software, an HD tone, and a brand new set of voice recording equipment, we created something great. And this thread is to introduce this new cartoon to a wider audience, so take a look at the Elusive BLARGs 2015 HD original independent cartoon: John & Jason HD!:

This is Season 1 Episode 1 so there may be some mistakes and drawing flaws, but as I move on the show will end up looking better. Also, my laptop recently broke down for good, so the show is on a very long extended hiatus after Episode 2 is released around Halloween.

So, give me your thoughts! What'd ya think of my cartoon? I'm glad it made out out of the concept stage unlike SOME OTHER WEBSHOWS WINK WINK WINK
wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more! say no more!

If I'm going to be honest about how this makes me feel: [Image: box-o-kittens.jpg]

(It's good, It's funny, interesting and the work paid off.)
Will check out soon. Must sleep.

PS. It can only be better than You know what I meantown show
Watched it. The plot seems to be mean spirited. But anyway, it funny.... would watch
Well its not the most horrible cartoon on yt (another one from here takes that cake) but for the most part it's a good idea to build on
#6's original cartoon side of the dreck: Bugtropolis, Anytown Show's original cartoon side of the good: A9, This (good ideas)
Thanks for your criticism guys. New EP was released last week, be sure to check it out of youd like
Episode 4 "Fear of Dogs" Will be released Thursday or Friday this week. Stay tuned!
New episode is released! This video is a demo reel. I couldn't employ the help of my friend Lee before I went on vacation, so I voiced all of it myself. This video will be taken down as soon as I'm able to make the final version. Anyway, enjoy this version!
It's not that good

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