How do you calm down?
That would be very interesting....
Especially for the 24/7 stressers
I don't really. I just spend my time doing whatever on the internet until i'm finally calm. Though it does take a while.
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breathe/meditate, paint, plan out stories...
I do what I can to get away from people.

If that doesn't help, I watch cheesy TV designed to teach good morals.
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not a ship
Chew gum. This makes your brain think that you're eating, and if you're eating, you must not be in very much trouble. This also freshens your breath, and improves memory by up to 30%. In fact, chewing the same kind of gum when you're studying as when you're taking a test can sometimes be the difference between a C and an A (note: this is virtually impossible to study, so take that last one with a grain of salt).
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I'm never calm................
(09-12-2015, 10:30 PM)Hanaurie Wrote: breathe/meditate, paint, plan out stories...

I agree with this 100%. Just meditate, preferably near water like a waterfall, a lake/pond or somewhere peaceful. Find a peaceful place.
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Interesting. I prefer up a tree.

(people being unable to find me is a bonus)
I get good and angry, maybe break something, and then I write, maybe draw.
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I eat twizzlers and watch Food Network.
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