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Anyone interested in participating in a mystery/action/drama/romance RP, based in Gravity Falls? C'mon, it'll have infinity pizza!

Seriously though, I have an interesting idea for an RP, and I need players to help me make it as fun as possible...also, RPs kind of require more than one person to play, lol.

Anyway, allow me to explain the plot of my RPs story (I'll try to keep it as short and to the point as humanly possible, as it is almost 3:30 AM, and I am very tired): 4 very different people, living in Gravity Falls, all recieve strange letters, from an anonymous source, inviting them to a costume party, in an old mansion located at the edge of the woods. Even though the whole thing seems like a harmless prank, at first glance, further reading reveals to the 4 people that the host of the party has in his possession, the very thing they desire most. All the host asks, is for the 4 to attend the party and meet him/her in person. For one reason or another, the 4 people decide to accept the invitation and attend the party as "honored guests". What they find in the old mansion, will either lead them to happiness, or ruin.

I'm still working on some of the details, but thats the basic plot of the story, so far. I'm looking for a minimum of 4 players, but I may be willing to accept more if more than 3 people want to sign up. Also, please note that this will be an all OC role play, so no canon characters. Feel free to suggest any ideas you might have, and don't be shy about asking questions.

*sits back and waits*

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Sounds like a pretty interesting idea, I'd be up for that.
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Sign me up please!
I'd like to participate too.
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not a ship
I'm getting a And Then There Were None vibe out of this. Count me in plz!
“Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don't really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren't really an ending; some things are never-ending.” ― C. JoyBell C.
^I love that one, classic...
Awesome! I didn't expect to get enough players to start the RP, so soon.

It'd be great if we could start this today, or tomorrow at the very least. What are the names of your OCs, by the way?

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This might be useful from the Revival of da RP thread:


Need a moment to decide...
I guess he'll do...

Name: Fen
Age: 16
Gender: male
Species: ...human?
Appearance: Feeble looking youth, Brown hair and eyes. Small ring on right hand. Daggers...hidden tail? whaaa...
Powers&Skills: Can turn into a mouse (cursed). Also skilled with daggers/knives. Useless with a sword though.
Personality: Timid, seriously lacks confidence, bit of a scared-y cat (heh), easily embarrassed.
Likes: Reading mostly.
Dislikes: Causing harm to anyone, CATS! also Dogs...
Friends: His family, not around. His parents expect great things...
Crush: Totally has a girl back home. Not that he's fully realised this.
Enemies: plenty of powerful dudes.
Well, I guess I'll post my own OC's introduction, as well.

Name: Eric Graves

Age: 18

Looks: About 5'4 Ft tall, 150 lbs, pale skin, dark blue eyes, eye length red, messy hair, that he constantly has to brush out of his eyes. He wears a lime green hoodie, faded jeans, a pair of red and black sneakers, and goggles.

Species: Human

Powers?: is a super genius, knows many martial arts, and practices ancient rune magic.

Personality: Eric is a very cold, emotionless person, to most people. Usually preferring to go his own, lonesome path, seeing everybody as either a potential enemy, or an exploitable asset. However, he's quite the skilled chef, despite his recipes being very odd and outlandish. Though he might be shady and tricky, Eric will never ignore unfinished business.

Family: Aside from his parents, Eric used to have a brother, but he went missing years ago.

Crush?: None. Girls don't tend to notice Eric, he might as well be invisible.

Other: He's recently taken an interest in the rumors of a mysterious book, last heard to be in the possession of Dipper Pines. Some say he wishes to use it to locate his missing brother somehow, but this isn't confirmed.

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