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Probs using mystine or molls
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Name: Molly Kate
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: human
Abilities?: She herself doesn't have any inhuman abilities. She is pretty good with a pistol and sword.
Family?: Mum, Dad, Bro
Appearance: short shoulder length brown pixie cut hair, brown eyes, tank top or t shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, (Optional glasses.)
Personality: kind, friendly, curious, creative.
Likes: art, writing, animals, making friends, music
Dislikes: being scared, in danger, or hurting her friends.
Friends: Clarissa, Cesca, Skyler, and others.
Enemies?: Zilli
Crush?: Only on fictional characters.... Or those long dead.
Pets?: Snowflake, a half husky half German Shepard
Extra: her outfit will somewhat change to fit where she's at.
Here's some random tid bits I've gathered about the bracelet and other stuff: I'll try to keep it from start to current

Molly opened the box carefully to discover, a gorgeous seemingly hand crafted silver charm bracelet lying a top a soft silky cloth. But there were no charms on it.
There was a message written in cursive in the lid.
'Dear dreamer, if you are reading this then it means we are in desperate need of your assistance. Our worlds* as we know them are being threatened by a dark evil. We have chosen you and another dreamer (Or more XD depends) to come to our aid and save our worlds. Please dear dreamer, we are all counting on you. ~MIM'
She stared at the message unsure of what that meant but removed the bracelet gently from the box.

Once the girls slipped on their bracelets, the box in which they came glowed for a moment before the message changed. Molly looked at hers.
'Now that you are together, wearing your bracelets, it is time for your quest to save the worlds to begin. Under the cloth that you found your bracelet upon is a charm for your bracelets. Take what you may need for upon putting the charm onto your bracelet your quest will really begin. ~MIM'

So. Her backstory kind of isn't really that far since I'm writing it through a RP. But This is everything on how she got her bracelet so far.

Her bracelet is kind of a host to a moonbeam named Lucine. Lucine is the one who grants her the powers. So if lucine's light is weak then Molly's power is weak. Being a moonbeam she can recharge in the moons light. She is much stronger in said light as well. But she can only take so much.

Molly is still a mortal. Lucine's power is strong and powerful. If she stays using it for to long it can harm her or corrupt her despite it being light.

With Lucine's top power, she can:
make shields or dome like shields to defend temporarily but it takes a lot more power than other things.

Summon a solid moonlight sword or a moonrock pistol that fires solid moonbeams. Neither can actually fatally hurt mortals but it can sting them, temporarily blind them, or stall them.

She has Moonrock white armor with beautiful designs but when it takes too many hits it will shatter and break.

She can only use these abilities when Lucine is strong enough and she's focused. If caught off guard then it will deactivate and she will usually black out or be very weak and stunned for a little bit.
Okay, sorry I've been gone (phone got left in my grandma's car) but I say we get started now. anyone else who wants to join can until after the first in game night. then no more new characters, unless you want to make a manor resident, as it wouldn't really make sense with the plot.
(manor residents can be made at any time, but don't go crazy with new characters, might make things really confusing. I can tell you more info about them if needed)

if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

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Reality is an Illusion, that's what Bill always says! WEIRDNESS IS THE ONLY CONSTANT IN THIS UNIVERSE!

(I know my profile pic is Bipper, I have no image for my OC)

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