What was the Deal between Blendin and Bill
I'm asking here, because why should Blendin make a Deal with Bill, even he is happy now with his life. And I don't think that Bill got the Blendin from the Time Traveler Pig, cause he has already his hair from Mabel and also his Job.

and I don't think that Bill can take control of bodys without the magical "Yes, Deal" words.

What do you think how Bill got control of Blendins Body?
I firmly believe Blendin was tricked. That he didn't even know who he was talking to or that he had made a deal in the strictest sense.

He had what he wanted, his job back (plus hair :D). And given he and Time Baby are enemies I'm pretty sure TB wouldn't made it against the rules to talk to Bill or h.ad some kind of regulation in place.

Only clue I think we have it that he must've been touring the past or something given how old Bill is...Although, consider: what's the one thing that would make a time traveler desperate enough to make a deal while on a mission?
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^lol, what happened?
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From Blendin's Game:
Quote:Dungren: I've got to hand it to this perp, no one's broken out of the Infinitentiary before.
Lolph: He's either the bravest time convict I've ever seen, or the dumbest.

We are constantly shown how very incompetent Blendin is. How would someone like that be able to escape an inescapable prison in the first place?

Remember, Bill decides when and if he wants to act on his part for a deal.
He can act on parts of the deal instantly, in the case with Dipper in Sock Opera. Or wait it out before acting ("There's a favor..." with Gideon).
Blendin probably had no idea that Bill invaded his mind.
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It's so bloody obvious now!!!
Might also explain him getting being a bit harsher when hunting down the twins, depending on how long Blendin had been possessed and whether or not they switched control back and forth. Bill had Blendin's personality pretty down, and there was Blendin's weird threat of stuttering, which seems like it could be Bill mocking him in hindsight, as well as his irritation at the guard wanting to spend time with his family, considering Bill's stated disgust for love.
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A proposed timeline for a deal:
(10-15-2015, 10:14 PM)RockSunner Wrote: A proposed timeline for a deal:

Ey, this is entirely plausible. Neat!

Now that you bring up the possibility, it is possible and much more likely that Blendin made a deal earlier and Bill didn't choose to cash in the deal until now.
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