A Carnival Comes to Town...
"We had to get tickets?" asked Goku in realization (Let's just say he teleported to the ticket clown, and landed outside)
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"Of course! Everyone needs a ticket for tonights show...", the boy said. He never stopped grinning, it was unnerving.
"W.... we don't need to pay for these tickets, do we?" Goku was getting nervous.
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Vesta went back to the carnival later in the night. There, she saw a ticket booth manned by a young clown. She approached the booth
'Do you take aureus?' Vesta asked the clown who appeared barely older than she.
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"Oh not at all! They're just a formality, orders from the big top.", the boy said, waving a red gloved hand in reassurance. He still kept grinning, it was like he refused to unclench his teeth and allow anyone to see the inside of his mouth.


"Oh not at all! They're just a formality, orders from the big top.", the teenager said, waving a blue gloved hand in reassurance. He wore huge polarised sunglasses, how cute!
Vesta's eyes crackled with fire. She didn't trust the young man, but she accepted a ticket.
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"Oh, good!" he said. "One ticket, please!"
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"Here you go!", said the small child, still with his teeth clentched. He handed him a silver embossed ticket.

"See you tonight. Enjoy the show!"
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Okay, that was an exaggeration. The galaxy wasn't quite that far away and it certainly wasn't that long ago... but those details aren't exactly relevant to our story, for that would mean getting too complex.

Anyway, on an inhabited planet in just one of these particular galaxies, a pair of robots were admiring the acrobats performing outside of a carnival's tent.

"How peculiar!" one of the robots, Daxton, said. "Apparently, ingesting fire is actually non-hazardous."

"The more you know," the other, Miles, muttered as he bit off a clunk of cotton candy from his cone.

Daxton eyed him. "I still don't understand why you need to eat that."

"It's not bad, actually," Miles said.

"But we're robots. We don't need supplements."

"I like the taste."

"We don't have tastebuds either!"

Miles shrugged. "Your point?"

His partner snorted, choosing not to argue any further. Instead, he observed the other performers. "It's a shame Master Brandon could not join us," he said.

Of course, Daxton added to himself, given their creator's rather... stoic nature, it might have been for the best that he didn't come. He probably would have been more worried about the pair causing any accidents than actually enjoying himself.

"I don't see what's so impressive about them doing cartwheels," Miles muttered, watching an acrobat pass by. "Anyone could do that!"

"I'm sure," Daxton mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?" Miles asked sharply.

"I said, 'look jugglers!'"

That caused his partner to perk up. "Where?!"

Not even bothering to voice their agreement, the pair practically skipped over to watch the performance.

((Excuse these two; they can be goofballs quite often. XD))
Vesta walked into the brightly colored tent.
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