A Carnival Comes to Town...
Daxton and Miles, who were mesmerized by one of the acrobats juggling, quickly lost interest after a few minutes. As they walked off, they noticed that people were already entering the tent.

"Oh!" Daxton said. "We're going to miss the show!"

"You have our tickets, don't you?" asked Miles.

The green robot glared at him. "Of course, I do. I'm not as forgetful as you are."

He had to duck to avoid getting a cone of half-eaten cotton candy thrown in his face.

The pair approached the tent's entrance, where they were quickly accepted in by the (rather creepy) boy. However, neither of them commented about it until they were well out of the boy's earshot.

"Spooky kid," Miles muttered, glancing back. "I guess it's all part of the atmosphere here."

Daxton poked him on the shoulder. "Hurry! We're not going to be able to get any seats at this pace!"
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Inside the tent was a big sign that read 'Pre-Performance Amusements'. Further on it was incredible how much they were able to fit into one tent. A mirror maze at the start. An old Helterskelter there! A ferris wheel, a merri-go-round and on and on.

Among the attractions and rides were performers, mainly clowns dressed in red and yellow. They smiled and waved, giving out balloons.
"Wow!" said Goku. He went up to one of the clowns. "Do you guys have any food?"
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Mystine saw a flier that was posted in town for a carnival tonight. 'hmm...sounds fun. Maybe I can get Bill to join me!' she thought to herself happily. She took one to show him. She ran back towards the shack. She passed a lake in the forest. In the lake lived Sirins. One poked her head up out of the water, seeing mystine and climbed out. She turned human and ran after her. 'Hi Mystine!' she said, telepathicly. "oh hi Natalie. Sorry I didn't stay to chat. I want to show this flier to Bill and see if he'll go with me!" 'A flier? To what?' Natalie asked. "a carnival tonight!" she replied. 'that sounds like fun! Maybe I can join you! I have never been to one before!' mystine smiled and nodded. "same! I'm super excited!" the two headed to the shack to tell Bill.

Little did they know they had been watched. "a carnival, hmm? Interesting..." A girl with dirty blond hair and crimson eyes was perched in a tree. "I may grab a friend and go as well to see what the fuss is about." she said and vanished. And even she didn't know she was being watched. In a nearby puddle a girl very simalier to her watched. Her hair was a cleaner blond and her eyes golden brown. She quickly left to watch the others at the shack. The crimson eyed stalker reappeared in a dark cold area. "siri? My dear friend, I wish to speak to you." she called. She could feel the presence of hundreds circling her, watching her every move. 'What do you want, Sophie?' a cold voice replied. "come now, is that any way to greet an old friend?" Sophie asked. Siri swam forth. She had a long black and red shark like tail. 'perhaps. Well, what is it you want?' "I was wondering if you would join me, for a carnival has come to town."
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Vesta went to one of the clowns, daintily receiving one of the balloons, a red one. She then eyed the rides. Maybe one ride on the merry-go-round. Vesta ambled to the spinning attraction.
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The clown Goku approached gave a silent shrug before leaning over and as if he'd plucked it from behind Goku's ear, presented him with a giant box of popcorn. He did this again with a cup of coke, some cotton candy, more popcorn, until his arms were full.


The carousel spun invitingly. It wasn't just filled with horses but many fantastical creatures from all mythologies. And they even moved their limbs like the real things.
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"Amazing!" Goku quickly scarfed down all of the food. "Do more!"
The clown took his weight in food from behind Goku's ear.
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Mystine and Natalie ran into the shack in search of Bill. They were super excited. The mysterious reflection traveling girl was watching him in the window.
Somewhere in the seedier sections of the carnival, a portal opened. Two carnies came through, carrying an energy cage. (Basically a cage with force field walls.) They carried it to a nearby plaza, set it down, and went back to work.

Inside that cage, Graysripe blinked awake. Drowsily, he murmured "No, I don't have fleas, go away." However, once he got a look at his surroundings, Graystripe's eyes shot open. This isn't my nest, he thought. Graystripe staggered to his paws and looked around. Definetly not my nest. He ran paw across the wall, taking in it's strength. He backed up, then charged into the wall, trying to get out. "MROW-OW-OOOOOWWWWW!!!!" Graysripe shrieked in pain as electricity coursed from the wall and into his body. He sat down and licked his fur. This was going to be harder than he thought.
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It didn't take long for the pair to notice the attractions. The show hadn't started yet, so they could spare a few minutes.

"Oh... what to do, what to do..." Daxton said, looking around. "So many to choose from."

Miles, somehow, managed to get a hold of another cone of cotton candy. "You got that right," he said, chewing some of the food.

"I hate all this uncertainty!" Daxton all but wailed as he gripped his head.

Because he wasn't paying attention to where he was going, he unintentionally walked out onto a sea-saw that a few performers were setting up. Before any of them had noticed the robot (or was this intentional?), one of the crowns jumped down on the other end of the sea-saw and launched the unwilling participant into the air. The robot let out an undignified scream as he sent flying through the air, before promptly plummeting back down to the earth.

Daxton lifted his head, the yellow pupils in his eyes swirling. Miles laughed his non-existent butt off.

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