Would you survive Weirdmageddon?
the amount of "getting stoned" talk is high here.


anyways, I'd try to stay in one place, like under something or wherever those eyebats can't see you. I'd assume a large mall like what Wendy Toby and Dipper were in for a short time would be a bad idea. There was a ton of holes in the roof, and you can't check every exit/entrance to make sure you're not being followed. Plus with the lights being out you wouldn't know if there's a monster lurking around, kinda what I suspect Wendy had a problem with when she shot Toby with an arrow (you know, if it might not have been a "Toby's face" = "monster" gag)
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^Yeah, this. I'd probably try to do that yeah.
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I'd probably take Blendin's time machine and go to before Mabel gets the wrong bag. After that, I would make her get the right bag. Crisis averted.
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(10-31-2015, 04:26 AM)Eternal-E Wrote: I'd probably take Blendin's time machine and go to before Mabel gets the wrong bag. After that, I would make her get the right bag. Crisis averted.

In this scenario, you dont live in Gravity Falls, but at your home, just with Bill doing the same things he did in the show there.
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^Oh. Well, in that case, I would assure Bill that I'm utterly unimportant.
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Well, I'd have some natural advantages in the beginning. My mind adapts more quickly to "the rules have changed" situations than most people, so I wouldn't be frozen with terror or trying desperately to hold on to the old reality of life. That would get me past the first wave of horror easily enough, especially since Weirdmageddon seems, at least on the surface, to target at random rather than having any kind of systematic strategy.

But as the hours turned into days, I'd be more of a liability than an asset to most groups. My heavy snore would make it impossible to reliably sleep under the cover of garbage bags like Dipper did, and I don't run very fast, so if I was detected I'd have to rely on terrain advantage and luck to elude capture. I don't have a lot of weapons training, I don't know which berries are safe to eat and I can't start a fire without matches. The only real contributions I bring are a knack for strategic planning and a strength of will that would help comfort anyone who's having emotional stability issues about what's going on. That means my best chance for survival would be to try assembling a gang of street kids, similarly to what Fagin does in Oliver Twist, and try to form a symbiotic relationship. I'd use them to carry out physical plans that would be beyond my ability to do alone, and I'd offer them family structure and masterminding capabilities in return.
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(10-31-2015, 02:22 AM)MysterySeeker Wrote:
(10-31-2015, 02:15 AM)Dimmu Pines Wrote: I'd be one of the first to get stoned

And then you would also get turned into stone.


Maybe I will get lucky and a Preston face
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^ The Bitter End
(10-31-2015, 08:40 AM)Dimmu Pines Wrote: Yep

Maybe I will get lucky and a Preston face

And if you are unlucky, you will also get turned into stone afterwards. Meaning you'll be frozen with a nightmare face. Doubtful anyone would want to rescue you looking like that.
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I probably would - I'd team up with Bill (sorry, but I'm not in the mood for dying). OR I'D BE A DOUBLE AGENT, SECRETLY WORKING FOR THE PINES! That would be fun
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I'm pretty small and able to hide easily so I'd make my way into the forest without being caught then find the bunker and hide there. If I can't get into the bunker I'm sure I can manage. For once being a loner loser girl than no one notices would pay off. I'm to scared to fight back and I'm completely useless for anything. I can manage to hide in small spaces and and run around without being caught.
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