Happy Holidays!
Doesn't everybody love the holidays? You know, minus one or two people.
Here's the place to spread the Hanukkah and Christmas cheer! Yes, this thread's two months early. No, I don't care.
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Since last month, the malls here have started playing Christmas songs. Yeah, Christmas here in my country slowly starts on October and fades out by January, so don't worry about revving up too early for the holiday season!
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Except for the fact that we've got 2 months until the holidays
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tasty tasty gingerbread.........
Jingle bells, jingle bells......
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Who doesn't love the holidays, unless you don't celebrate it?
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Don't want this to collect tumbleweeds, especially now we are getting even closer to December!
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I made a snowman. Outta clay. So, technically, its a ceramicman. It was still fun though.
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They put up the lights in my town a week ago. Stores have the christmas stuff since before Halloween.

Yep, it's a coming.
Some people were singing Christmas songs today. Some other people were yelling at them for singing Christmas songs in November.
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not a ship

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