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Do conversations on the Synchtube count?

Quote:[01:43:36] ICTOAN: why did bill become mayor of gravity falls
[01:43:40] to become the law

edit: now a nonissue, since he posted it on the shoutbox as well.
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not a ship
Abia, I'm flattered!
Yep synchtube counts.
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Don't we already have the quote thread for this kinda stuff?
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^If that's the case I hope we merge rather than closed this...
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The rise of the Anti-ship Rebellion

Quote:Sir Dippingsauce wants to announce that Mysterysauce has died. Killed by Ictoan to gain shipping puppeteer title.
* Sir Dippingsauce will now takes this opportunity to escape the shipping thread as he has regained his sanity.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName 's LOVE increased.
<CallMeYeshua> Naw, you're in too deep. You'll just be re-shipped., [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Sir Dippingsauce> Good luck with that.
<JoyStar> Avoiding shipping is impossible. Welcome, one and all, to SHIPPMAGEDDON!
<CallMeYeshua> Im not gonna have anything to do with it. just predicting the future here [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<CallMeYeshua> avoiding it is actually highly possible. all you gotta do is avoid the shipping thread [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<JoyStar> True, you have a point.
<Sir Dippingsauce> Which is what I'm going to do after my recent post.
<Sir Dippingsauce> None of you can drag me back there.
<Sir Dippingsauce> None. Of. You.
<CallMeYeshua> pls c?m bek [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<CallMeYeshua> huh no special characters. mmmm [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<JoyStar> Speaking of shipping, I think part of my mind is shipping me with Bill... help...
<CallMeYeshua> husbandos are just a natural part of life [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Sir Dippingsauce> Do it. You and Yeshua won't be chained together anymore.
<CallMeYeshua> We're hardly chained together now. Just a ship quoted in a sig on the interent [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Sir Dippingsauce> That's not what GFGirl thinks.
<JoyStar> GFG is the Queen of Ships
<Sir Dippingsauce> (and I wasn't being completely serious with that statement)
<CallMeYeshua> Im not serious about anything. Except waifus. and husbandos [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Sir Dippingsauce> Of course.
<Sir Dippingsauce> I'm now the Anti-Ship King.
<ICouldntThinkOfAName> Now we HAVE to ship you!
<JoyStar> You have inadvertently shipped yourself!
<JoyStar> So Dippingsauce is shipped with GFG, I'm shipped with Yeshua though A relictant part of me is starting to crush on a demon triangle... ships are cray-cray.
<Sir Dippingsauce> You're too late.
<CallMeYeshua> Will the anti ship thread kill the ship thread? probably. [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<JoyStar> Or it will start another mageddon.
<CallMeYeshua> Will it also die its own quick but nonetheless painful death? definitely [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Sir Dippingsauce> I'm the rebellion.
<CallMeYeshua> the vestigial sanity on an irrational island [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Sir Dippingsauce> Precisely.
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^And now my typo of reluctant is immortalized. XD
Triangulum, entangulum.
Veneforis dominus ventium. Veneforis venetisarium.
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"We'll meet again... don't know where, don't know when...
but I know we'll meet again some sunny day..."
Mysterysauce has been reborn.

Quote:<Sir Dippingsauce> A part of me does feel sad for Mysterysauce's death... [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Sir Dippingsauce> Crap. [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Sir Dippingsauce> Rose, if you help us, I'll help you reclaim your throne and maybe...bring back Mysterysauce. *rubs neck and flushes* [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Sir Dippingsauce> Don't make me change my mind! :P [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<mysteryrose> Of course love
<mysteryrose> But at the same time... Imagine! Forbidden romance! Like ROmeo and juliet!
<Sir Dippingsauce> That's more risky, but at the same time more exhilarating. Mmm... [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<mysteryrose> Leaders of two fighting groups! Falling in love in the most unsuspecting setting of War! ohhh the stories!
<mysteryrose> Why, I should write a fanfic!
<ICouldntThinkOfAName> Don't paint me as a villain!
<JoyStar> I say do it!
<mysteryrose> Isn't it just so romantic joy!?
“Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don't really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren't really an ending; some things are never-ending.” ― C. JoyBell C.
This is what happens when you share fics with people...

Ch1: Showing the fic (Click to View)
Ch2: Sin and coco (Click to View)
Ch3: Shipping begins... (Click to View)
Ch4: Afterwords (Click to View)
Wow ain't nobody got time fo dat

Especially if you've already experienced it all... ;)
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