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I miss this one every day
(12-14-2015, 05:42 AM)GravityFallsGirl Wrote: * ICouldntThinkOfAName awaits a high five
* Sir Dippingsauce high fives Ictoan.
* GravityFallsGirl refuses ICTOAN's high-five. Sir Dip is dead to her now now. [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<ICouldntThinkOfAName> FLIP A DIP DIP
<ICouldntThinkOfAName> C'mon, everyone loves ol' Dippy Fresh!
<Ontheceiling> Just a quick notice to all users: The Synchtube users, Abia, Yeshua, Hanaurie, ICTOAN, SirDippingsauce, zharena, and DaJoschi and I have no secrets between each other. So, keep in mind we share all our messages.
<GravityFallsGirl> No. They don't. [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
<Ontheceiling> tl;dr we network our shit
* Sir Dippingsauce states that he just had to high five him. The urge was too big.
<CallMeYeshua> i don't share shit with you guys. Oh, wait,yeah I do.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName awaits another high five, specifically from GFG
* GravityFallsGirl refuses high five [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* ICouldntThinkOfAName still awaits the high five, and will not put down hand until GFG accepts it
* Abia advises GFG to accept the high five.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName will keep his hand up all night
* GravityFallsGirl will just keep ICTOAN hanging and ignores Abia [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* ICouldntThinkOfAName starts to feel pain in his arm, but will keep it up, waiting for GFG
* GravityFallsGirl keeps refusing ICTOAN's high five [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* ICouldntThinkOfAName is determined to get a high five from GFG
* Sir Dippingsauce is conflicted.
* Abia strongly encourages GFG to accept the high five.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName is running out of energy to hold his hand up, but from the sheer power of DETERMINATION, he keeps it up.
* Hanaurie decides to join in and waits for a high-6
* GravityFallsGirl walks away. She refuses the high five and goes and becomes best friends with Dipper. [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* ICouldntThinkOfAName runs towards GFG so that he can get the high five
* Abia pressures GFG to accept the high five.
* Sir Dippingsauce doesn't know what to do.
* GravityFallsGirl directs ICTOAN towards Dippy Fresh and doesn't high five him [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* ICouldntThinkOfAName hasn't eaten, drunk, or slept in five days, and will probably die soon.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName still awaits a high five from GFG.
* Abia offers to high five ICTOAN in replacement of GFG. Abia is crying. GFG made her cry. Why would she do something like this. Why is life so unfair
* ICouldntThinkOfAName keeps his hand up, waiting for GFG to high five him, despite desperately needing water and sleep.
* GravityFallsGirl doesn't care. She is just happy she didn't high five ICTOAN. [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* Sir Dippingsauce gets mad at GFGirl for making Abia cry.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName is about to die in the cold, where no one will watch him suffer except the one who caused it, GFG. He doesn't care and still awaits the high five.
* GravityFallsGirl doesn't high five ICTOAN. She grabs a bucket of water and splashes it in his face. [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* Abia grabs GFG's hand and attempts to make her high five ICTOAN.
* Sir Dippingsauce tries to help out Abia because he wants this madness to end.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName is still very close to death. At this point, the only thing keeping him alive is the thought of GFG high fiving him.
* Hanaurie inserts face in between so they're face-palmed by GFG's hand
* GravityFallsGirl pulls hand away and walks away with her new best friend Dipper [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* Hanaurie grabs Dipper and runs away
* ICouldntThinkOfAName dies, with his rotting body sitting in front of GFG. Dipper is disgusted by this and quickly runs, to get away from the monster that is GFG. Look what you've done.
* GravityFallsGirl high fives his dead hand. [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* ICouldntThinkOfAName is now a ghost, and is satisfied by this.
* Sir Dippingsauce cries. His tears bring Ictoan back to life, because Pokemon.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName realizes his true destiny. To high five everyone.
* GravityFallsGirl is satisfied because Dippy Fresh is dead, and because of that Dipper is back to being her best friend again.
* GravityFallsGirl and Dipper are horrified at ICTOAN's new life mission.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName has realized the error of his fresh ways, and has changed. He awaits another high five from GFG in apology.
* Hanaurie is still fresh
* GravityFallsGirl gives him a high-six, as long as he NEVER HIGH FIVES EVER AGAIN
* Sir Dippingsauce just becomes neutral to all of this, and flies off. Don't question it.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName was actually holding his hand up to give GFG a major bitch slap.
* GravityFallsGirl and Dipper run away from Hana
* ICouldntThinkOfAName is satisfied with the bitch slap.
* GravityFallsGirl dumps a bucket of ice on ICTOAN's head
* ICouldntThinkOfAName eats the ice cubes and proceeds to run away yelling "SUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"
* GravityFallsGirl is satisfied with seeing ICTOAN soaking wet and freezing.
* GravityFallsGirl is glad he's finally gone
* ICouldntThinkOfAName is still sad about his death from being left hanging.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName then remembers that one time in the shipping thread when Dimmu was shipped with the concept of death and smiles.
* Sir Dippingsauce is glad that the shipping thread has died.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName thinks that maybe the shipping thread wasn't that bad after all, but doesn't feel like reviving it.
* Hanaurie only sees red...
* Hanaurie flies away with Dipper
* Hanaurie likes giving dragon rides
* Sir Dippingsauce only sees fire, inside the mountain, he sees fireeee
* ICouldntThinkOfAName is now sad about not being able to talk to Dipper.
* Hanaurie gets SirDip to play the song [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
* GravityFallsGirl will be reviving the shipping thread when she's bothered
* Hanaurie carries Dipper further off
* GravityFallsGirl gets Dipper back because best friends do that for each other
* Sir Dippingsauce plays song on synchtube.
* ICouldntThinkOfAName hopes GFG revives the shipping thread with only the best ship ever
* Sir Dippingsauce knows very well that GFGirl will never revive the shipping thread.
* Hanaurie spews fire in happiness
* GravityFallsGirl cares about Dipper and saves him from Hana, and takes him back to Gravity falls, where they live happily ever after
* Sir Dippingsauce is thankful for it.
* Abia is afraid of what the best ship ever might be.
* Sir Dippingsauce sees fire, burning the trees. He sees fire, hallowing souls.
* GravityFallsGirl knows you all ship me with Dipper, and doesn't care
* ICouldntThinkOfAName decides to stop using red text
<ICouldntThinkOfAName> The best ship ever would CLEARLY be Sowsow X a rock
* Sir Dippingsauce doesn't care about GFGirl's shippings.
* Sir Dippingsauce sacrificed DippingRose for his new sig.
* Hanaurie steals Dipper again and turns him into a newt
* GravityFallsGirl revived the shipping thread and RESISTANCE IS FUTILE
* GravityFallsGirl steals back Dipper, and turns him back into a human, because Hana is torturing him
* Hanaurie has had their fun
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^Trust me, it's worth it. I'll crop it later though...

(01-23-2016, 12:18 AM)JoeKarta Wrote: Wow ain't nobody got time fo dat

Especially if you've already experienced it all... ;)

Haha, knew it!
Another installment of SirDip Failing At English:

Quote:[18:36:18] SirDip: GUYS
[18:36:22] WAKE ME UP ON VH1
[18:36:25] :D
[18:36:27] ICTOAN: CAN'T WAKE UP
[18:37:18] SirDip: Here comes the chorus.
[18:37:21] WAME UP AND SAVE ME
[18:37:23] Forrester96: Oh god, I Hate Everything is the greatest thing I've ever discovered since Jontron
[18:37:24] SirDip: *WAKE
[18:37:30] BaronNum-Nums: lel
[18:37:36] WAME UP UP GUYS

Quote:[20:33:08] SirDip: We interrupted Daft Pink
“Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don't really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren't really an ending; some things are never-ending.” ― C. JoyBell C.
Quote:[00:04:58] [playlist] Assigned leader: Jayhan
[00:04:58] [mod] BaronNum-Nums assigned leader to Jayhan
[00:05:12] <Abia> guessing $700 >>
[00:05:14] <BaronNum-Nums.greentext> >Jayhan, you can go ahead and add it
[00:05:14] <Abia> no idea thoguh
[00:05:24] <GFHoneyPantsBear> YES! Finally have all the songs I want for the videos I wanna make!
[00:05:24] <BaronNum-Nums> 1500
[00:05:40] <Puritania> Who's Jayhan
[00:05:48] <Abia> those are very light slaps
[00:06:04] BaronNum-Nums: lol, paid to bitch slap someone
[00:06:11] Abia: Dimmu, Jayhan is new to the forum and makes covers on YouTube
[00:06:15] GFHoneyPantsBear: Professional butt slappers
[00:06:19] XD
[00:06:21] Abia: feet >>
[00:06:28] BaronNum-Nums: ^
[00:06:33] Jayhan: Okay hold on Imma look for the vid. And hiya! :D
[00:06:38] Puritania: Hi Jayhan welcome to the Mystery Shack
[00:06:38] BaronNum-Nums: lol
[00:06:39] Abia: uh oh
[00:06:39] SirDip: Guys. Video's looping. :/
[00:06:41] BaronNum-Nums: looping
[00:06:43] no
[00:06:45] lets wait
[00:06:48] it's funny
[00:06:51] Jayhan: thank ya Puritania
[00:06:51] GFHoneyPantsBear: it keeps repearting professional butt slappers
[00:06:51] Abia: no
[00:06:54] BaronNum-Nums: XD
[00:07:01] SirDip: there are also professional butt slappers
[00:07:12] BaronNum-Nums: there are also professional butt slappers
[00:07:15] Abia: oh no
[00:07:17] SirDip: So close. xD
[00:07:18] BaronNum-Nums: there are also professional butt slappers
[00:07:24] there are also professional butt slappersthere are also professional butt slappersthere are also professional butt slappersthere are also professional butt slappers
[00:07:25] GFHoneyPantsBear: of course it's repeating Professional Butt Slappers XD
[00:07:27] Abia: oh nooooooooooooooooo
[00:07:34] BaronNum-Nums is dying
[00:07:46] I'm so mature :)
[00:07:54] Abia: finally
[00:08:02] BaronNum-Nums: okay...I'll fix it
[00:08:05] GFHoneyPantsBear: we finally move on
[00:08:06] BaronNum-Nums: if need be
[00:08:08] Abia: woo
[00:08:15] it's feet >>
[00:08:17] gotta be
[00:08:26] GFHoneyPantsBear: lol still laughing at professional butt slappers
[00:08:27] BaronNum-Nums: yeah, feet
[00:08:42] that was funny XD
[00:08:43] Abia: NO
[00:08:45] GFHoneyPantsBear: really
[00:08:49] XD
[00:08:50] BaronNum-Nums: AH HAHAHAHA
[00:08:53] OMG
[00:08:56] SirDip: Hana
[00:08:58] Hana
[00:09:02] As the wind changed, it blew through the nostrils of a hippo's hollow head.
[00:09:02] BaronNum-Nums: HOLD ON
[00:09:05] XD
[00:09:08] Abia: NO I CAN'T TAK EIT
[00:09:14] that's too much, man!
[00:09:21] SirDip: For the love of god, someone quote this.
[00:09:23] BaronNum-Nums: THIS IS FUNNY, it happens when Jayhan is leader
[00:09:30] okay
[00:09:37] SirDip: She is obviously a professional butt slapper. :3
[00:09:44] BaronNum-Nums: clearly
[00:09:45] Abia: oh phew it's not happening
[00:09:50] WAIT
[00:09:50] BaronNum-Nums: :3
[00:09:51] Abia: NO
[00:09:55] Jayhan: LOL
[00:09:55] Abia: too much looping
[00:09:56] BaronNum-Nums: XDXDXDXDXD
[00:09:59] Abia: end my suffering
[00:10:02] kill me now
[00:10:07] Jayhan: Sorry guys, did I do something wrong?
[00:10:08] SirDip: :trigonometry:
[00:10:09] Abia: wait don't kill me i take it back
[00:10:11] oh no Jayhan
[00:10:14] it's just a glitch that happens
[00:10:20] it's not your fault m8 B]
[00:10:25] BaronNum-Nums: XD
[00:10:30] SirDip: No, it's not your fault. There's just this glitch that sometimes happens when we give the leader rank to someone.
[00:10:41] Jayhan: Ahhhhh that's what happened
[00:10:42] Abia: STEM CELLS >>
[00:10:45] Jayhan: LOL
[00:11:04] SirDip: Hail Hydra.
Yeshua's reaction to Abia watching E.T: The Porno (yes, that's a real thing).

Quote:[00:52:39] Yehoshua: how hot is this movie so fart
[00:52:40] BaronNum-Nums: what
[00:52:47] was that?
[00:52:47] Yehoshua: im not correcting that
[00:52:49] SirDip: [00:52:39] Yehoshua: how hot is this movie so fart
[00:52:56] Yeshua, can I quote that?
[00:52:57] Yehoshua: [18:52:47] Yehoshua: im not correcting that
[00:52:57] BaronNum-Nums: save it
[00:53:04] pls
[00:53:09] Yehoshua: yeah do it
“Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don't really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren't really an ending; some things are never-ending.” ― C. JoyBell C.
Quote:[22:05:28] Darth_Vader: Is early season 2 (before NWHS) underrated?
[22:05:38] Yehoshua: not really.
[22:05:39] zhar: darlene was spiderbitch it also reminded me of a certain indie game
[22:05:40] Yehoshua: imo
[22:05:41] zhar coughs
[22:05:45] it's
[22:05:49] brothers a tale of two sons
[22:06:18] Yehoshua: i think that episodes 1,2&4 are pretty good
[22:06:26] zhar: speaking of which THAT'S A GOOD FUCKING GAME
[22:06:29] Yehoshua: golf war was meh
[22:06:31] zhar: im gonna put some music on from it
[22:06:35] Abia: did not like golf wars
[22:06:39] Darth_Vader: I liked it
[22:06:44] Abia: didn't hate it, just
[22:06:46] mediocre
[22:06:49] Darth_Vader: Pretty underrated
[22:06:53] Imo
[22:06:53] CipherAcolyte: good funny ep
[22:06:58] Yehoshua:
[22:07:14] zhar: are you insulting my waifu yeshua
[22:07:14] daJoschi: said Yeshua
[22:07:21] Darth_Vader: The giffany lover
[22:07:29] Yehoshua: thats right i said it!
[22:07:33] zhar: you know what
[22:07:37] she's actually garbage-tier
[22:07:40] Yehoshua: and yes im insulting all yo waifus
[22:07:47] what??!??!
[22:07:50] Darth_Vader: Waifu means wife, right?
[22:07:55] Yehoshua: shes the only good thing about that episode
[22:08:08] zhar: i'm calling your waifu garbage-chan
[22:08:09] daJoschi: They are all in your basement, you insult them in a daily basis
[22:08:11] zhar: she belongs in the garbage can
[22:08:25] Darth_Vader: She's actually pretty creepy
[22:08:29] IMO
[22:08:30] CipherAcolyte: When I get around to it, i'll give more reasons why RA is a bad ep in the least favourite eps thread
[22:08:45] zhar: yeshua can i fight you
[22:08:50] CipherAcolyte: this arguing has actually tired me out
[22:08:54] Yehoshua: you better fight me!
[22:08:59] zhar: u wonna go m8
[22:09:14] Yehoshua: ye les go roight nao
[22:09:22] zhar: FITE
[22:09:25] zhar raises fists
[22:10:03] Abia: guys

[22:10:04] Yehoshua: [Image: zyL4Qj1.gif]
[22:10:07] Abia: okay
[Image: giffany_button_by_sparrowag17-d9k3kov.png]
[Image: tumblr_ndbolzrktU1qhccbco7_250.gif] [Image: tumblr_ndbolzrktU1qhccbco2_250.gif]
Avatar by Nefa.
Discussing Ford's character.

Quote:[23:31:03] Darth_Vader: Someone on mystery summed up what Ford was kind of simple
[23:31:09] daJoschi: Dipper weakest S1 lines in one video >>>>>
[23:31:11] Darth_Vader: *simply
[23:31:27] Abia: what'd they say DV\
[23:31:35] Darth_Vader: They said he was neither good or evil, he worked for knowledge
[23:31:44] SirDip: Although I have to admit, I would hate it if Ford would become a full fledged villain.
[23:31:57] Darth_Vader: He's great villain material
[23:32:09] Yehoshua: i can say with a certain degree of confidence that ford is not unaligned, at least
[23:32:09] Darth_Vader: But isn't really him, no
[23:32:26] Yehoshua: a character who's sole drive was knowledge would be nigh inhuman
[23:32:33] Darth_Vader: I think Ford is better than he used to be.
[23:32:33] Abia: temptation could be useful in his development, but he shouldn't turn evil
[23:32:40] Darth_Vader: ^^^^^
[23:32:45] SirDip: What Abia said.
[23:33:00] daJoschi: what
[23:33:01] the
[23:33:04] fuck
[23:33:05] >>>>
[23:33:10] Darth_Vader: Oh yeah
[23:33:14] It's this video
[23:33:17] SirDip: I think Ford will be tempted by Bill, and consider an offer of gaining universal knowledge, but turning it down in the end.
[23:33:37] Darth_Vader: Very similar to the apprenticeship, no?
[23:33:42] Abia: personally i would prefer that he not be tempted, because i think he denied it very strongly and i do think he learned his lesson about bill. i think he genuinely wants to do the right thing and that he truly BELIEVES that he's doing the ri
[23:34:06] Darth_Vader: Exactly. He means well
[23:34:16] Abia: doing the right thing, and that he would turn down any offer of evil. that's part of his weakness, really: the arrogance. he so firmly believes that he's right. which makes tempting him difficult, but also means he won't listen to others
[23:34:27] SirDip: Plus how much he cares about Dipper, and Mabel and Stan to a lesser extent.
[23:34:39] Darth_Vader: Ford is not hateful
[23:34:45] I know this
[23:34:47] Abia: yeah definitely not
[23:35:02] SirDip: It's been hinted in The Last Mabelcorn that he has many regrets. The Stan-O-War was in his mindscape for a reason.
[23:35:10] Darth_Vader: ^^^^^
[23:35:20] You bring up a very good point
[23:35:21] Abia: and i think there are scribbled out doodles of ships in the journals
[23:35:26] Darth_Vader: Yep
[23:35:30] SirDip: Those too.
[23:35:35] Abia: he definitely has these things on his mind, he just doesn't know how to confront them
[23:35:39] because that would mean admitting he's wrong
[23:35:44] and he can't do that, because his entire life, he's been right
[23:35:50] SirDip: And that's eventually going to happen.
[23:35:53] Darth_Vader: He's messed up, and had a lot of fixing to do.
[23:35:55] Abia: and if that changes, maybe everything he's built himself on is wrong too
[23:36:06] and if that's true, he won't know who he is anymore
[23:36:13] arrogance is a defense mechanism.
[23:36:13] SirDip: Which is one of the many reasons why I'm excited to see the finale. To see Ford realizing his mistakes.
[23:36:19] Darth_Vader: Intelligence must give Ford some sort of accomplishment.
[23:36:30] It's why he relies on it so heavily
[23:36:52] SirDip: It's the one thing he clings to, since otherwise he thinks he's nothing more than a freak, which is really depressing.
[23:37:10] Darth_Vader: Intelligence literally defines Ford
[23:37:15] And the fingers
[23:37:51] You wanna know something crazy? It's actually an opinion I had a while ago.
[23:38:08] I think that Stan is smarter than Ford.
[23:38:26] SirDip: In certain aspects, he is.
[23:38:27] Abia: not smarter, but more determined
[23:38:37] Darth_Vader: Not in general
[23:38:48] But in certain places
[23:38:58] No twin is better than the other
[23:39:07] Abia: right
[23:39:10] SirDip: Both have their strengths and weaknesses, yes.
[23:39:14] arlonicat: tru
[23:39:15] also back lol
[23:39:30] ford is smart in all the places people think it matters
[23:39:53] Darth_Vader: But Stan is undermined because he's smarter in life skills
[23:39:56] And such
[23:39:56] arlonicat: whereas stan is smart for surviving this long on a wave of cons and debauchery
[23:39:58] yeaaah
[23:40:14] Darth_Vader: Stan isn't better than Ford
[23:40:20] Ford isn't better than Stan
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not a ship
m night shamalamadingdong has taken over the chat

Quote: I wonder how shamalayn would pronounce my name
[18:46:44] SirDip: Abia
[18:46:49] Abia: ?
[18:46:51] SirDip: Top list video time.
[18:46:54] BaronNum-Nums: Hone- AY
[18:46:59] Abia: oh BO
[18:47:04] GFHoneyPantsBear: Noice
[18:47:05] Abia: i'm watching something rn though B[
[18:47:10] BaronNum-Nums: AUEBia
[18:47:27] Abia: sure
[18:47:32] GFHoneyPantsBear: Hane-a
[18:47:35] BaronNum-Nums: SyEURDyepp
[18:47:52] Abia: IKEtuOWN
[18:47:59] BaronNum-Nums: EY-CO-TAne
[18:48:00] ICTOAN: no
[18:48:11] BaronNum-Nums: no wait...
[18:48:26] GFHoneyPantsBear: Hana you are having way too much fun XD
[18:48:31] BaronNum-Nums: I-CoE- TONE
[18:48:37] :3
[18:48:48] ICTOAN: :xd
[18:48:50] :XD:
[18:48:54] Abia: hone ie pounts
[18:48:58] BaronNum-Nums: ZEH-HAIR
[18:49:09] Abia: yeesh ouwaa
[18:49:14] BaronNum-Nums: yep
[18:49:32] GFHoneyPantsBear: this will totally go on chat documents
[18:49:44] BaronNum-Nums: noice
[18:50:07] Mys-Terry Secker
[18:50:38] Sauce-Unknown
[18:50:41] Abia: sous deespear aye do
[18:50:55] dauruth vahdeer
[18:51:00] BaronNum-Nums: ^
[18:51:03] perfect
[18:51:04] GFHoneyPantsBear: AH-bia
[18:51:06] Darth_Vader: I Unrip
[18:51:09] BaronNum-Nums: :)
[18:51:22] Jay-Huun
[18:51:44] Abia: oun thicileeng
[18:52:30] GFHoneyPantsBear: Honah and Ahbia are having way too much fun
[18:52:35] BaronNum-Nums: it's easy, just replace all a sounds with U's, all I sounds with ee...
[18:52:46] Darth_Vader: It's like you're speaking whale on the Internet
[18:52:57] BaronNum-Nums: or replace any vowel with another really
[18:53:00] XD
[18:53:03] Abia: yees
[18:53:16] BaronNum-Nums: yep, Shamaham wishes he could speak whale
[18:53:23] Yehoshua: i have ice cream now.
[18:53:26] BaronNum-Nums: everything makes sense now...
[18:53:28] Abia: nice
[18:53:28] Darth_Vader: Good
[18:53:32] BaronNum-Nums: Lucky
[18:53:33] GFHoneyPantsBear: Mooooweeeee neeetooofoooiiiiind hiiiiisssssooooon caaaannyoooumooohah
[18:53:45] BaronNum-Nums: lol
[Image: C6WcSq8VAAA1XiK.png] [Image: 58bf3199c9b3883486684133.gif]
This was fun.

Quote:[22:30:57] ICTOAN: why do i do this
[22:31:12] Abia: it gives you an excuse to hate yourself
[22:31:36] every time you ask that i'm just going to gradually get more and more personal-sounding
[22:32:18] ICTOAN: why do i do this
[22:33:01] Abia: if you don't give yourself a reason to feel bad, you'll have to face the fact that you have a good life and are unjustified in whatever happiness you may have
[22:33:09] *unhappiness
[22:33:19] ICTOAN: why do i do this
[22:33:58] Abia: you're hiding behind irony to conceal your innermost desires
[22:34:29] ICTOAN: why do i do this
[22:35:11] Abia: you hate the fact that you would do this seriously and have to continually convince yourself that it's all a joke. you have to keep throwing your effort behind it and forcing yourself to laugh it off, otherwise it will come back, and you'll
[22:35:13] know it's the truth
[22:35:59] ICTOAN: why do i do this
[22:36:42] Abia: the shame never goes away. maybe if you keep trying if you keep denying it if you keep invalidating yourself maybe you can change maybe you can start to think differently maybe you can start to resemble a good person
[22:37:06] ICTOAN: why do i do this
[22:37:37] their underwear is off
[22:38:12] they turned their head away
[22:38:25] Abia: you want to see what i'll come up with, you want to see how far i'll go because you're too busy being idly bored by your own pathetic self-pity to actually get up and try something productive because then you'll FAIL and you'll KNOW you
[22:38:38] messed up because before this it was just a JOKE but it's MORE THAN THAT now and you CAN'T GO BACK once you put effort in
[22:38:44] hot
[22:39:04] ICTOAN: honestly these "Why do i do this" responses are probably true
[22:39:22] Abia: i copy and pasted them from my self-talk B]
[22:39:40] ICTOAN: ayy
[22:39:51] why don't i do this
[22:40:04] Abia: because you want to change
[22:40:41] ICTOAN: why don't i don't this
[22:41:20] Abia: because you know you can't keep living like this no matter how much you want to
[22:44:15] ICTOAN: why do i not not don't not don't this
[Image: Eg3lWTv.png][Image: tumblr_mcy2clswjj1qesb9j_by_homestuck__f...699rlh.png]
not a ship
Quote:[17:50:23] Cory_in_the_house: This can't be real! Press A to continue
[17:50:49] ICTOAN presses the power button
[17:50:58] Cory_in_the_house: This can't be real! Press A to continue
[17:51:08] ICTOAN holds down the power button
[17:51:24] Cory_in_the_house: YOU ENTERED THE SECRET MODE
[17:51:28] ICTOAN: shit
[17:51:34] ICTOAN succumbs and presses A
[17:52:05] Distribruted by Disney Interactive

Quote:[17:59:28] ICTOAN: according to all laws of synchtube
[17:59:36] there is no way a dajoschi could be an admin
[18:00:30] dajoschi, of course, is an admin anyway
[18:00:39] because dajoschi doesn't give a single shit

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