No Context
@Baron i'm going to guess Frozo

@Nick that sounds like something Frozo would say too but the capitalization is too far off so SirDip???

bet you can't guess this one:
Quote:Get a quote and remove the name. The dumber it sounds without context, the better!
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not a ship
You are correct. I don't know about the other but it does sound about right.

i'm both curious and hesitant to know what the quote is
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somebody Wrote:"A business revolving around how to be Satan"
Best I can do, sorry

Solved, Baron was right
If salty and bitter are flavors, why isn't spite?
Gotta be froyo right?
Quote:Yeah, it really dosent have any bad affect on the body.

I dont see how it is illegal, but cigarets (who are really hurting the body) are not.
@nefa wrong succa
If Romance Academy 7 and Fight Fighters are video games that means there are multiple copies with multiple Rumbles and Giffanies

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Quote:i'll get them a you tried cake

Quote:three kids gonna die tonight
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