The General Useless Websites Thread
I have, a majestic squid, he is.
Have you found my Dippingsauce and Floof the Squid?
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^Found em, Dazzling! Then I threw them around the screen.
Well that's good, because I throw every squid I et my eyes on around the screen.
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^What else is there to do with them? XD
Well, my Floof went hunting for shoes.....
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...Well I cant delete posts apparently...

This'll just sit here forever then...
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Fanfiction ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ
(11-16-2015, 06:55 AM)GravityFallsGirl Wrote:
(11-16-2015, 01:07 AM)HONEYPANTS!! Wrote: I know one!
It's called real wishes! It's a BS website that any sane person will never use. Makes you do a rediculous ritual and it will grant your wish for real. Only insane desprate people would even think to try. LOL someone try and see if they get their wish granted.

I found this site a while ago.........and it worked!
I wished for a Dipper hat......and I later got the exact supplies I needed to make one, including a plain blue hat, which is almost impossible to find.

Fine then. Someone wish for a season 3 of Gravity Falls.
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Decided to post some:

This website though xD

(Warning Flashing Colors)

This one is adorable. Even with all the flashing colors. :3

Ever got a gift and it had bubblewrap in it and you just popped all the bubbles? Well you can do it on that website! (But its way more fun to do it irl...)

Want a pug to lick your screen? Then go there!

Bounce kitties here! :3

Adorable cubes be adorable.

Noot Noot! :3


Yeah these are all of the websites i'll probably post. Have fun with them. Also the quote I said up there (and I deleted)

(11-16-2015, 11:00 PM)GravityFaller Wrote:

Thats a crazy dog gif website xD

Also you can make your own gif partys for the fun of it.

This is the party I made :p

In case you ever need it

Not sure if this counts but its a cute game :p
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Fanfiction ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ
Unicode snowman for you

A taco that spins in circles and counts how many circles it has spun in

How to say "I am a turtle"

The proof is trivial

Stealth boats

Pizza barrel llama

Random color

Check the box

Why cows say moo
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not a ship
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