GF OC roleplay~
1. Everything past hugging and kissing shall fade to dark
2. No swearing
3. No bulling outside the rp
4.No OP
6. You can NOT have the characters from the original serieds, this rp doesen't include them! Just take make your own character who takes place as Stan, soos, Wendy and other

About this, as said in the rules, you can not have the original characters since they aren't included here.
Here is the Bill's wheel thingy


Pine tree [deeper] = open
Star with a raibow [Mabel] = taken
Star with eye in middle [Gideon] - open
Heart with a stitch [Robbie] = open
Question mark [soos] = open
glasses [stanley] - open
the symbol from Stan's hat [Stanford] = open
hand [author/ Stanley] = open
Lamma [Paciffica] = open
ice [Wendy] = open

Remember, your oc doesen't have to be from Bill's wheel!
And yes, you are allowed to make your characters have the same backstory as the original character from the series.

Here are my characters!
Name: Ashley
age: 12 [BD. 23.12.2002]
Spicie: she is a shape shifter but she or anyone else doesen't know that
gender: Female
appearance: (with the Mabel symbol on the end of her belt)
Crush: TBRP
past: to be found out during the RP
Family: Would be awesome if she had a brother or sister
personality: Ashley is a very happy girl, who enjoys the company of others. However, she is a hopeless romantic, which means she can often find herself daydreaming about her perfect man, though she will take her absoloute time before she gives anyone such a title with such importance to her
Takes place as: Mabel

make your own character using this form i just filled up. Thank you!~ xx[/align]
Question: can you have original characters but acts differently and/or from another universe

For example: a dipper who is entirely brave, careless and don't have a sister, a completely different person with a known face.
that could work!
Alright that good, let's see how meany join and maybe I would join you to this adventure (my character oc info is VERY long, I might make a short version of it)
Heh, sounds good to me and lol, my character forms are always super long this time i kinda made it shorter
(10-12-2015, 02:37 PM)Hanaurie Wrote: I guess he'll do...

Name: Fen
Age: 16
Gender: male
Species: ...human?
Appearance: Feeble looking youth, Brown hair and eyes. Small ring on right hand. Daggers...hidden tail? whaaa...
Powers&Skills: Can turn into a mouse (cursed). Also skilled with daggers/knives. Useless with a sword though.
Personality: Timid, seriously lacks confidence, bit of a scared-y cat (heh), easily embarrassed.
Likes: Reading mostly.
Dislikes: Causing harm to anyone, CATS! also Dogs...
Friends: His family, not around. His parents expect great things...
Crush: Totally has a girl back home. Not that he's fully realised this.
Enemies: plenty of powerful dudes.

Fen for Robbie's place?
Accepted!! Thank u for joining <3
Fen is pleased to be accepted somewhere. XD
Name: Kalani

Species: Siren

Age: 15

Appearance: When in water, she has a pitch-black tail. She is Spanish, has dark brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes. On land, she has legs. I'll do a drawing soon, probably. She wears a small, silver, triangle-shaped ring (the triangle thing is something that links together all my OCs)

Backstory: She is from the ocean, but accidentally stumbled upon Gravity Falls' lake after she ran away after an argument with her parents. She lives in the lake, but other than that, lives like any other human, because she has legs on land.

Powers: Being a siren, she can hypnotise people with her singing voice. She can also manipulate currents and tides. Talks to sea creatures.

Personality: Carefree, slightly lazy, but has a sarcastic side. Determined and stubborn.

Likes: the ocean, and now is obsessed with social media since she discovered it. She loves all sea creatures, but also particularly likes cats.

Dislikes: Dogs.

Family: Has a twin sister, Hibiscus, who lives in the Epiphanies. She doesn't see her much, but as they both share a love of social media, communicate frequently. They are very close to each other.

Crush: Probaby someone else in this RP...any takers?

I think her symbol could be the ice bag, and she could take Wendy's place.
[Image: tumblr_msneb3uvKx1qe8ujwo8_500.gif]
Can I join??

Name: Mykayalea Fiere (Maya or Mya)
Age: 12 (BD Dec. 4.)
Species: Demigod (Bill Cipher's Daughter) / Elven Witch

Maya is a small girl, with a delicate frame. She has almost snow-white skin, with just barely a pink undertone making it a light peachy color. In Maya's narrow princess-type face, the most prominent feature is her huge, sky-blue eyes which would appear bug like if not for her full lips and high cheekbones evening them to a less gargantuan size. Other than her eyes, Maya's other most prominent feature is her hair. Almost knee-length, Maya's light fawn curls fall in perfect ringlets to about the middle of her thigh. Unlike most elves (and part elves) Maya has just barely pointed ears. On the palms of her long fingered hands, Maya has two palegold-outlined sky-blue eyes tattooed (one on each Palm)
White Magic
Ability to speak to animals.

{Should I add Weaknessess?}

History: Maya's mother died when she was very young, forcing Maya to move into a small town in Oregon, called Gravity Falls. Maya doesn't remember much of her past, and never got along with her father because they were polar opposites.

Personality: Maya is very sweet, and nice to everyone and thing. She cares about every living creature and couldn't bear to hurt anything innocent. Maya does have a sad side, when she thinks about her mom, but for the most part stays happy and bubbly. Upon first meeting, Maya is a bit shy, but very patient and trusting.

Most commonly seen with her wolf-dog guardian Snowflake.

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