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(11-25-2015, 11:21 PM)Sir Dippingsauce Wrote:
(11-25-2015, 10:43 PM)AwesomeDude1 Wrote:
(11-25-2015, 09:17 PM)Sir Dippingsauce Wrote: Oregon is the closest thing we have in real life. If they ever were to make a Gravity Falls live-action movie, Oregon would an ideal place to film in.

I don't think that a live action GF movie could work.

How do you know? I didn't say they would make it, but if they were to make it.

Emphasis on the word "if".

I just think about The Last Airbender when I hear that.
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(11-26-2015, 12:31 AM)Hanaurie Wrote: [Image: no-movie.gif?w=650]

I'm not even a huge Airbender fan yet and I hated that movie.
The reason the Last Airbender movie didn't work was because they tried to cram a whole season into a single movie.

So hypothetically, let's say we were looking at a trilogy - Season 1 for movie 1, season 2 up to "Not What He Seems" for movie 2 and "Tale of Two Stans through Weirdmageddon" for movie 3.

Critical events in Season 1 (as far as we currently know):
- Arrival at the Shack (1)
- Establishing Mabel/Gideon dating attempt, rivalry (4)
- Establishing Dipper/Wendy crush (5,7)
- Blendin Blandin/Time Travel plot (9)
- Summoning of Bill/Final Battle with Gideon (19,20)

Important "Clue" Events from Season 1:
- The Journey of Journals 2 and 3 (1,4,19-20)
- Backward message during Smile Dip trip (5)
- Discovery of the Carpet Room/Ford's glasses (16)
- The Big Reveal (20)

Could that be done? Maybe. But look at all the iconic moments we've had to cut just for time:
- The whole manotaur/multibear thing*
- Dipper Clones*
- Rumble McSkirmish
- Most of Mabel's crushes of the week (Mermando, Sev'ral Timez, etc.)
- The shrink/grow flashlight

(*-depending on Multibear's role in the finale, and whether we see the dipper clones in it, these may actually not be skippable after all)

And of course, we need to rework some stuff:
- Without the Wax Museum stuff, a new lure is needed to get Dipper to Gideon's factory
- Without the Dipper Clone plot, we need to move the Candy/Grenda introduction into another plot. Easiest solution would be to add them to Wendy's group that goes to the haunted store.
- The clues about Ford in the extra room need to move if we don't have the body switching carpet stuff.

Now, the "good" news is that with only 7 episodes worth of material to work with at 22 minutes per episode (154 minutes total), we only need to cut 34 minutes to get it down to a two hour movie.

So the plot would look something like this:
- Open on Dipper doing the Lamby Lamby, Mabel floating in the air. "My name is Dipper. The girl hovering in the air is my sister Mabel. You may wonder what I'm doing in a lamb costume, dancing as if my sister's life depends on it..."
- Theme song, in it's Live Action glory.
- Rewind! Arrival at the shack. Make Dipper's crush on Wendy immediate and obvious before he even goes to the woods.
- Scene in woods with Journal 3.
- Jump right to Wendy planning an underground teen rave at the abandoned convenience store.
- Core Wendy group goes, busts in.
- Candy, Grenda, Gideon and Pacifica (ah crap, forgot about her in my outline) all show up at this rave. Soos is still DJing, cause breaking into the store not an issue for him.
- Gideon's crush on Mabel is established. The four all hang together at the dance, and Gideon invites Mabel to see his show at the Tent of Telepathy.
- The ghosts cause chaos at the dance. Since the four mentioned above aren't teens, they're spared the initial assault.
- Dipper realizes teens are the target, hence Lamby Dance ensues.
- The group goes home, we find out about Stan's rivalry with Gideon.
- They go to the Tent of Telepathy. Telekinesis is added to his schtick, just so it's made clear that Gideon's powers come from Journal 2. Stan is also at the Tent, and the prospect of partnership with Bud is brought up immediately, suggesting Gideon's interest in getting to the Mystery Shack.
- Gideon asks Mabel on a follow up date and Mabel immediately refuses, declaring she wants to "just be friends".
- Gideon expresses rage at Bud, in a conversation designed to make it clear that Gideon's interest in Mabel was genuine and not just to get the shack (need this because Gideon's conversion in the third film needs to be set up). "But if I can't have both..."
- The events of episodes 19 and 20 essentially happen as written.

Soooo... yeah. You can see why that would be likely to be very unsatisfactory to Gravity Falls' existing viewership. Might be a very good movie to someone who's never seen Gravity Falls before, but to people looking for the Gravity Falls experience they remember from the shows, it's going to be weak tea.

Now grant you, it's weak tea that they MIGHT be willing to accept as the setup to the second and third films which, being a condensation of fewer episodes each, would be easier to pack most of the juice into. But you'd need a studio prepared for the concept that the first movie's reviews would be mixed at best, willing to stick it through secure in the knowledge that even the die hard fans who hated the adaptation in the first movie would be unable to resist seeing the second.

Oh, and look, I missed the Blendin/time travel plot completely in that outline. Oops.

I suppose it could be moved into the second movie. Or else it could be deleted entirely and we just need a new plausible lure for Mabel to hand over the rift in the third movie. That's assuming that Blendin has no major role in the finale, which is a HUGE assumption, and again... people are going to scream about Blendin being completely edited out of the plot.
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Well, it's not like they would have to make the movie EXACTLY the same as the show, by which I mean having the same events unfold in precisely the same way.
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I think the easiest solution would just be having Dipper and Mabel looking over a scrapbook or something, and remembering the adventures they had, through a short montage of various iconic episode scenes.

What I dont understand is why you rely so heavily on "The Inconviniencing"? If it is for the backwarts message of the dog, we dont even know if that one really is a message, and not just some random sounds. Personally, I'd much rather have the gnomes and the time travel plot, instead of a long rave party.
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If someone`s wonders,there`s a point where gravity falls used to be accroding to the map in the start of the show.
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How would you do a live action Gideon?
(11-26-2015, 12:31 AM)Hanaurie Wrote: [Image: no-movie.gif?w=650]

Just remember. They are talking about working on the 2nd movie and completing the trilogy!
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(12-02-2015, 03:25 AM)originalmysterytwins Wrote: How would you do a live action Gideon?

I'd make it a puppet, like Yoda from Star Wars Episode 5
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