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I can't find the Pets Thread so if there is one there's certainly not the word 'pets' or even 'animal' or 'companion' in the title. (If it does already exist please just delete this one or merge instead of closing)

Created in honor of Dimmu's cat, Lady Mabelton.
When I was four I had two goldfish called Molly and Tom, and I used to have some silkworms for a few years. At the same time, I had some hermit crabs, Jasmine, Mr Krabs and Tyrone (this was before I even knew what GF was, so Tyrone's name was a total coincidence XD) My brothers and I used to hold hermit crab races, which were fun.

Now, I have an unofficial cat. It's my neighbors from a few doors down's cat, I think, but it might be a stray. I have no idea what it's name is, so I've unofficially named it Dippingsauce. Anyway, Dippingsauce is always, I mean ALWAYS at our house. I leave cat food out for him now. And lately, Dippingsauce has taken to waiting for me to get home from school. He'll wait on our front fence, then follow me up to the front door, most days. Then when I go inside, he scampers off to our back yard, front yard or under the car. He's so cute!
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Whoa, that is such a crazy coincidence with Tyrone. How do hermit crab races work?

I love cats. I love every kind of cat... When I was young there was a period where I obsessed about it to the point I was dreaming about them. I guess my siblings were too young and at the time we'd just moved to a strange country so I was seriously lonely. We got Jack the cat then.

Nutty, short for Noisette ('Hazel' in french but it's a girl sounding name even though he was a he) we had passed down to us. We were looking after him as a favour but when my lil sis said 'can we keep him' it turned out we could XD. It's funny, he spent nearly the entire time hiding from us but pretty soon he became this BFG. Sweetest cat I'd ever had. Loosing him was extremely hard. He had cancer around his neck. I noticed it first and we had two operations, the second we regret. We were talking of how to put him down, no one wanted to talk about it but he disappeared the day before we got the chance. :(

I know you're busy but payyy attention to mee...

They paid attention. Everything is good now.

Licky was our dog. A B&W lab with something else mixed in. She also died of cancer. we learned quickly the second time around.

Which left us with Twiggy, my sister's cat (yes, all our pets rhymed). She is extremely annoying and not very affectionate. No one really likes her much except my sister although we've been getting closer as I look after her in my sister's absence. She's been more receptive to human contact and I've begun to realise she's just a whiner talker.

    Don't be fooled by that cute exterior. She's horrible.

So yeah...thar ye go...
Was never allowed to have a pet.

I always want a cat
Hermit crab races? Well, what we'd do is we would get two strips of cardboard and stand then to be 'walls' and we'd mark out a start and finish line with duct tape. We'd get our crabs, and on the count of three, we'd release them onto the starting line, where they'd scuttle to the finish line (or just park their butts on the starting line and not move at all)

That reminded me, actually, if you let a hermit crab walk on your hand and arm, it feels really cool, like tickly and tingly.

Cats are my favourite animals, along with tigers, anxylotls and panda.
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^Used to do that with snails. daJoschi, you should get a cat. They make everything good.

also, added photos...
I need a cute cat. Maybe it makes me more calmer and less lonely
^If and when you can do. They really are the best pets and improve your life in so many ways.

When I can, I'm finding my own. For now, I'm saving and stuff.
I have a SUPER old cat right now, Sheba. She's 18, fat, and amazing. She's very affectionate and loves people. My family's had her since before I was born. Recently, though, she's been getting awful infections.
I also have a dog, Abby, who's great but a complete spaz. She has anxiety issues and freaks out when anyone she doesn't know comes to the door. We all love her, though <3
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I have a chihuahua named Romeo. I'm at my grandma's for thanksgiving, so I don't have him on hand for a photo.
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